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19 Handy Design Innovations

 You can probably find millions of photos of design fails online. Admittedly, these can be absolutely hilarious, so we understand why they’re so popular. But not all design is bad, and sometimes, creative design solutions can really improve everyone’s life and make it easier and just more convenient. We didn’t want to let these excellent design ideas fly under the radar, and so we feature 19 of our recent favorites in this article. We personally love the one-handed book holder and the storage staircase the most, and we urge you to share your favorites with your friends!
1. Genius! This store has color-coded shopping baskets to prevent shop consultants from annoying their customers 
useful design innovations  color coded shopping baskets
2. This park swing is customized for wheelchairs
useful design innovations wheelchair swing

3. Reading and drinking tea simultaneously has never been so easy! I'd love to get one of these one-handed book holders for myself

useful design innovations  one handed book holder

4. These curtains with the New York skyline cut out are so clever!

useful design innovations New York skyline curtains

5. Corner drawers should be a must-have in every kitchen

useful design innovations  corner shelves

6. This Japanese public restroom is reusing the water you use to wash your hands to flush the toilet

useful design innovations Japan public toilet

7. What a beautiful fence and bench hybrid! We're not sure about its placement at the riverbank, though, sitting there must be a bit frightening

useful design innovations fence and bench

8. Architecture students at MIT built this gorgeous-looking rocker lounger powered by solar batteries

useful design innovations solar rocker lounger

9. Russian airlines have these handy two-sided eye masks that let flight attendants know if they should wake you before a meal

useful design innovations eyemasks

10. In Copenhagen, trashcans are tilted so that cyclists could throw away their trash on the go

useful design innovations cyclists trashcans

10. This honeycomb-looking strip power cord allows you to customize the number of plugs you need to connect

useful design innovations honeycomb-looking strip power cord

12. Manhole covers in Seattle have the map of the city engraved on them

useful design innovations Manhole covers in Seattle

13. Who needs a boring roof if you can turn it into a swimming pool?!

useful design innovations roof swimming pool

14. These architects incorporated a ramp right into the staircase

useful design innovations ramp staircase

15. This public restroom in Italy has faucets you turn on using your knees instead of your hands

useful design innovations knee powered faucet

16. This innovative parking system functions as a garage for your car and helps you save space in your yard

useful design innovations parking

17. How creative! This bar is actually an aquarium as well

useful design innovations bar aquarium

18. The amount of storage space in this staircase is unbelievable!

useful design innovations staircase storage

19. The order of keys on this keypad is randomized after every use to prevent trespassers from guessing the keys

useful design innovations random keypad
Image source: izismile
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