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15 Daily Struggles of a Cat Owner

 There is a reason why cats are stereotyped as being annoying and selfish. As any cat owner will know, cats can develop some really obnoxious and strange habits at times, although, of course, they don’t mean to offend you at all. Yes, we’re talking about the midnight cat race on your bed while you’re sleeping, and the scratched furniture, not to mention all that cat hair everywhere! Needless to say, we won’t stop loving our pets just because they act out from time to time. On the contrary, we find their quirky habits quite amusing!
Here are 15 hilarious examples of cat owners sharing their daily cat-related struggles:

1. "Benny recently learned that the acoustics in the shower will amplify his voice. His concerts start at 4 AM and last until everyone in the house is up with him."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners benny the shower singer

2. No cat owner in history has ever done their taxes without their cat.

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners

3. A cat will never miss a chance to drink from a running shower, and using a shower curtain as protection is an added advantage.

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners shower drinking water

4. "My cat has kindly offered to clear out some drawers and cupboards for me today while I chill out."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners cat cleaner

5. Two chairs, one cat.

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners two chairs one cat

6. "Fresh laundry is purrfect for napping."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners Fresh laundry is purrfect for napping

7. "Hot off the printer and look who was meowing at the door."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners lost cat

8. "My cat wakes me up every morning. This morning I woke her up."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners cat awake

9. "I could watch how he's digging water forever."

cat catching water

Source: nibortone/ Twitter

10. "My boyfriend is afraid to sleep on his side of the bed because Sigmund will often jump down right onto his face in the middle of the night."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners cat jump

11. "We bought a new high-sided litter box because the cat loves to throw around the litter. He's devastated." 

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners a new boring litter box

12. "Never give your cats little pieces of cheese from your sandwich when they’re little, no matter how cute they are... Because this is what happens later on."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners share your food with us

13. "I opened the door to the balcony, placed my cushion on the bench, went inside to grab my book and that's what I saw when I went back outside."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners what a nice pillow for me

14. "Even though you hurt me, I still find ways to be with you."

Daily Struggles of Cat Owners I will find a way to love you

15. "Just wanted to debut this video of my cat hitting herself with her tail."

cat hitting itself with own tail

Source: lunaproducer/ Twitter

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