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16 Funny Pictures that Capture the Essence of Scandinavia

 It is pretty much an accepted fact that people do things… differently in Scandinavia. While each Scandinavian country is unique in its own way, collectively they are seen as carefree countries where people are overly nice, taxes are high, temperatures are low and people like drinking a lot. So like a European Canada, if you will. Here are 16 funny pictures that have captured the essence of the Scandinavian countries perfectly.
1. In Finland, when you finish your Ph.D., you get a saber and a top hat. You get to keep them after the ceremony
Scandinavia: Finland PhD sword
2. This is Hans Island near Greenland, the subject of a bitter war between Canada and Denmark. Every now and then an army delegation from the other nation arrives, replaces the other nation’s flag with their own, and leaves a bottle of whiskey (Canada) or schnapps (Denmark)
Scandinavia: Hans Island Canada Denmark war
3. In Norway, they have solar mobile charging stations
Scandinavia: solar charging station
4. As well as public bike repair stations
Scandinavia: bike repair kit public
5. That man screaming into that poor woman’s ears? That’s the reigning monarch of Sweden
Scandinavia: Swedish monarch screaming at stadium
6. Danish beer manufacturer Carlsberg created a recyclable glue to reduce plastic waste
Scandinavia: Carlsberg sixpack glue
7. In anticipation of a hockey match against Sweden, a Finnish newspaper published an Ikea-style guide on how to beat their opponents
Scandinavia: Finland Sweden Ikea hockey
8. Artist uses Legos to repair crumbling walls in Copenhagen
Scandinavia: Copenhagen Legos
9. Can you tell what time it is in northern Norway by looking at the picture? It’s midnight
Scandinavia: Norway sunny midnight
10. This has to be the most Scandinavian headline ever
Scandinavia: Norway Sweden border dispute deer
11. They converted a bank into a McDonald’s in Norway
Scandinavia: bank McDonald's
12. Instead of a “best before” stamp, meat packaging comes with this meter in some stores in Norway
Scandinavia: Norway best before
13. For his 18th birthday, he got the Danish constitution mailed to him by the government
Scandinavia: Danish constitution
14. In Sweden, dumpsters do double duty as wireless antennae
Scandinavia: dumpsters wireless antennae
15. This sign was placed outside Helsinki Airport
Scandinavia: Finland winter
16. Even dangerous felons are different in Sweden
Scandinavia: Swedish felons baking cake headline
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