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Quiz: Can You Complete These 30 Commercials?

 It's quite incredible what we remember. Somewhere in our brains, is a vast library containing the words to thousands of songs, conversations, musical tracks and... commercials. That's right, commercials have long since been a part of our culture, one doesn't need to watch Madmen to know that. And with the commercials come those pithy, witty lines that made many ads unforgettable. This 3-part quiz does exactly that - it will quiz you on these famous lines and see if you can choose the right answer to complete them. Are you ready for it? Start with part 1, then work your way down to parts 2 and 3! If you ace all three, you definitely still have a great memory, and probably watched a lot of commercials in your time...


Congratulations on making it to level 2! We knew you could do it. Prepare for the next 10 questions:


Wow! You made it to level 3! You must be really good at this. Now for your last challenge:


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