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Rude Joke: The Indian Men and the Donkey

 A famous anthropologist decides to visit a Native American tribe full of men disguised as a doctor so he can study them.

At one point he feels he is accepted enough to ask: "How do you guys relieve your se*ual tension without many women around?”

"Simple, just come down to the river tomorrow and we'll show you."

The next day the anthropologist shows up and sees a group of men near a donkey. One man says "Since you're our guest,  you get to go first."

The doctor not knowing what to do stands without a clue until a tribesman explains to him: "Use the donkey".

joke: stunned professor

The anthropologist: "What!??"

"Yes use it, mount it."

The doctor not wanting to go against custom starts to kiss, then proceeds to make love to the donkey.

A few minutes later, a man in the group hesitantly asks "Are you almost done Doc? We need the donkey to cross the river in order to get to the brothel."



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