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Personality Quiz Collection: 9 of Our Best Personality Tests

 The most splendid collection of personality quizzes is here for your self-evaluation! These quizzes offer such a great opportunity to learn more about yourself through making some interesting conscious, and sometimes, subconscious, choices. In some of these, you'll have to pick a visual you like, and in others, you'll be required to answer personal questions. The answers are only for you. So choose one of the many personality tests from below and learn a bit more about yourself today!

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They are a thing of complex beauty and can reveal deep secrets about the depth of one’s heart. By selecting one of these nine eyes, you will discover fascinating details about your personality. The test works when you make that split-second decision, as your subconscious knows which eye is meant for you.


There are 7 chakras, focus points of spiritual energy, in the body. We all have them, and we all use them without even knowing how they influence our lives. But for each, there are chakras that are more open, more powerful, than the others which we've managed to unlock in our lifetime. So tell us - which chakra is your dominant chakra?


The art of fortune-telling is a profound mystery that a few wise men and women through the ages have mastered. Through my careful research of some ancient manuscripts, I have now perfected this skill myself. I can confidently predict what your stars have in store for you in the coming weeks, simply by analyzing the choices you make in this simple fortune test. Take this incredibly perceptive test to see what your fortune will be if you dare.


Have you ever wondered what people say about you as soon as you leave the room? Does your self-image match the image the environment has of you? If it has crossed your mind, you probably won’t go and ask directly, "Guys, what do you think about my personality?" And even if you do, it's doubtful you'll get an honest answer. So, to remove doubt and satisfy your curiosity, pick the color that stands out in each picture, based on your subconscious, and discover how others perceive you.


In the field of psychology, it’s been long clear that associations are the way our subconscious bursts to the surface and tell us things that maybe even we didn’t know about ourselves. That’s why we've just put together the following association test to help you discover your strongest characteristic. The trait that comes up is probably what anchors you in life, helps you cope with difficulties and attracts other people to you. Want to find out what your strongest characteristic is? Answer the following 12 questions...


The test before you will give you the opportunity to pause life’s daily pursuit, look at your life and discover the basic story behind it, all this based on your answers to this quiz that should reveal quite a few details about your personality. So what are you waiting for? Start answering the questions and discover your life story...


The more we discover about colors, the more we realize they mean a lot more than just shallow changes in our visual perception. To take the following color quiz correctly, listen to your instincts - and select the colors you feel connected to the most - in rapid succession.


According to the horoscope, there are 12 types of personalities, and MBTI has 16 personality types, but a new study at Evanston University in Illinois found that all people in the world can be classified into four personality types, based on how they score on 5 different indices: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Openness, and Neuroticism.
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