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10 Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

 When it comes to kids, one might say the social structure is "complicated". Adult society is pretty clear on what is ok and what is not. But with children, involving adults or formal authorities such as teachers or the principal - may have social repercussions they are either unwilling or too terrified to face. This is information none of us wants to use and yet is crucial to know. Parents and grandparents must keep an eye out for those signs that a child is being bullied. It doesn't always look like a black eye or scratches, sometimes it's only psychological or social - that is enough to scar a child, and no parent wants that for theirs. 

Click on the plus signs to get a full explanation of each sign the child is being bullied. Read it, and then close with the X located on the upper right side, and move to the next one. For mobile users, we recommend you use this on landscape mode (phone horizontal) so that you can enjoy it fully. Also, if you click on the 3 dots on the lower right side, you will have an option for a fullscreen view, which makes it even easier to read and click.

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