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22 Hilarious Observations Made in Different Countries

 Stereotypes are not true, we all know that, but what can we do when we observe something that further reaffirms a stereotype about a specific city or country? That’s right, we laugh it off! This is how the viral “Meanwhile, in …” series of photos that took the internet by storm first started, where people take pictures that characterize, or even support certain stereotypes about a specific country or place in a very humorous way. Rude to some, amusing to others, we present to you our selection of 22 best “Meanwhile, in…” hilarious photos.

1. An authentic Texan safety helmet

meanwhile, in Texas

2. Just your ordinary Russian toilet

meanwhile, in Russia

3. Meanwhile, in Florida... Not everything tastes like chicken

meanwhile, in Florida

4. In Alaska, even the moose abide by the driving rules, how about that?

meanwhile, in Alaska

5. Meanwhile, in China... I wonder why they clarified that last part, were there any precedents?

meanwhile, in China

6. It was "bring your pet to school" day that day in Bosnia

meanwhile, in Bosnia

7. Is this a very warm winter day or a very cold summer day in Canada? 

meanwhile, in Canada

8. Personal space in Finland is taken very seriously, some of these people waiting for the train could very well be close friends...

meanwhile, in Finland

9. Getting back from work in China, a 50-lane road merging into a 4-lane one...

meanwhile, in China

10. Floridian Gator hiding from... well, Floridians?

meanwhile, in Florida
11. What would the establishment that printed this note have to look like that people confused it with the penis museum?
meanwhile, in Iceland

12. Meanwhile, in India... That's just some fair advice for the moderately-religious people out there

meanwhile, in India

13. Who knew being a Polish nun is such a fun occupation?

meanwhile, in Poland

14. Meanwhile, in Singapore... Some more legit advice and some great news there at the bottom, too

meanwhile, in Singapore

15. You're laughing, but each Swedish train has an English name, as does each bench, this one's name is Benchy Benchissen, for example ...  

meanwhile, in Sweden

16. Finland and personal space, part 2, even the benches are for one person only, each looking in a different direction

meanwhile, in Finland

17. Canadians are way too charming...

meanwhile, in Canada

18. The original Hollywood, the one in Russia (St.Petersburg, I'm looking at you...)

meanwhile, in Russia

19. We actually have a picture of this very meter, here it is

meanwhile, in Australia

20. With elegance, you say? That's a lot to demand, Japan, that's a lot to demand...

meanwhile, in Japan

21. The story of how a goose has taken over the London underground...

meanwhile, in London

22. Meanwhile, in India... Monkey and 3 men travel to work on a Monday morning

meanwhile, in India
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