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US Capital City Test: 3 Quizzes, 30 Cities

 We're going to start you off with 10 relatively easier capital cities to guess, they may still be hard for some! But buck up, because this is just part A of this 3 part quiz. After this part, scroll down to Part B and then scroll down to Part C, then add all the points you've accumulated in all three quizzes and check your results at the bottom!


So, are you ready for the US capital quiz? Get your geographical engine roaring, because here are the first 10:


Feeling confident you're ready for part B? Then let's get to it, name those 10 capitals!


20 questions down, 2/3 of this quiz done. How are you feeling, champ? Ready for part C? That's the spirit! 10 more capitals to guess. This is the clincher. Guess those last 10 capitals!




Add all your points from the 3 quizzes and see your Results:

0 - 10: Sorry my friend, it seems like American capital cities are not your game. Maybe you don't know much about American geography, or maybe, it just doesn't interest you at all. But even if you don't like the subject, you already learned a lot of US capitals today, like it or not! So at least you got some knowledge in the bargain and had some fun.


10 - 18: You have the average amount of knowledge about US capital cities, which is to say that you held your own very well. If you're interested, why not take it again and see if you've already learned what you didn't know before? If you get a perfect score, it means you now know all these capital cities! Isn't that a fun way to learn? 


18 - 25: You obviously know your US geography, and maybe just had a few holes here and there, you may have even known the rest of the answers, but sometimes, things just slip away for a moment. You did excellently, and have a higher US geographical knowledge than most people. Good for you and we salute your knowledge!


25 - 30: Well there's no challenging you on US geography now is there? 30 states we threw at you, and you either knew all or almost all their capital cities, even when we tried to trick you by putting the more famous cities as an option. We admit it, you beat us, and we're super happy you did! Good on you, and we hope you continue to develop that massive knowledge of yours.

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