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Losing Weight: Diet, Tips, Exercises and more - Our Full Guide

 Losing weight is no simple procedure. If it were, we'd all be as thin as sliced bread. But there are so many delicious food items out there (chocolate comes to mind) that it gets very hard for most of us to lose that weight. But fret not, because there are many ways to lose that extra weight! Changes to diet, exercise, breathing and even sleeping - all have something to do with losing weight. So without further ado, these are seven of our best articles about losing weight.
It can be easy to lose faith in losing weight when you’re not seeing results. Including several new tips into your life can speed up the results and the visible results can help you stay motivated. Some of the tips may seem a bit unconventional, but they can also help you maintain your weight after you’ve finished your diet.
Trying to buy the purest, most organic ingredients, signing up for the gym, and purchasing new fitness accessories can cost a lot of money. It’s lucky for you that we are here to share with you a brilliant free way to lose weight, using only the right breathing technique.
Everyone wants to be fit and slim, but what’s more important is to be healthy. To achieve this, you don’t have to follow complicated diet regimens, just follow the rainbow!  Weight loss is one of the many benefits of the rainbow diet.

What does it normally take for you to see huge benefits to your health? Most people think that in order to see the overall effects, quite a lot needs to be done. With a daily exercise regimen though, the effects are noticeable from the start. Here are the incredible health benefits you will gain when you actually start to lose some weight. 


Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work and discipline, particularly when temptations are all around. Nevertheless, being on a 'diet' need not mean that you must endure rice cakes and misery. Rather than going the full mile, tweak your meals with some smart choices and a little advance preparation.


Emerging evidence shows that your brain and even household chemicals can play a major role in weight gain. A slice of chocolate cake, for instance, is irresistible even to the most conscientious eater. Yet it's baffling why we sometimes give in to temptation despite our better judgment. In order to discover why, researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (MNIH) have found a possible explanation. 


Breathing is one of the most basic processes in the body, so it is clear that we will take this action for granted and won’t attach much importance to it on a daily basis. However, ancient Eastern cultures have long recognized the power of breathing and the relationship between controlling it and controlling the energy of the body.

But that's not all, if you still hunger for more articles on the subject, we have more:
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