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16 Hilarious Merchandise Planted In Stores

 Shopping can be extremely boring, unless you stumble upon one of these ridiculous items on your next trip to the store. These 16 real pieces of merchandise were created by Jeff Wysaski, an Internet sensation who makes these funny objects and randomly plants them in shops just to cheer up bored shoppers like you and me. Fair warning, some of his jokes are quite satirical.

1. I guess it's a handy thing for those who love a sunny side up egg but can't keep the yolk intact? Right?

obvious plant pre-cracked egg

2. They're not weird, they're just different...

obvious plant weird dogs

3. This one is so real it hurts

obvious plant usa doctor kit

4. "It's not my fault, plants just don't love me"

obvious plant plant murder

5. Works on raccoons, too

obvious plant just one chicken nugget

6. Sidenote: we know Missouri doesn't suck

obvious plant Missouri sucks

7. "I'll take 3 thank you very much!"

obvious plant new daughter

8. My sister has one of these lying around at home, too

obvious plant useless man

9. Just what we need for Halloween!

obvious plant muppet screams

10. Wow, these must be "FUN" to play with...

obvious plant stupidest animals slugs

11. Even this bench toy is better than a slug figurine...

obvious plant bench toy

12. Actually, the cats do tie the picture together

obvious plant lonely people holding cats

13. You know a toy is good when it "clams"

obvious plant emotional support shoe

14. The ultimate sarcasm would've been if these two were sold together

obvious plant bread crust and middle

15. I don't think you should be flying that helicopter either, kitty

obvious plant Hello Kitty

16. Don't you just love it when the company is being honest why the price is low?  

obvious plant wedding ring she said no
Image source: obviousplant
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