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Welcome to Cat Logic 101

 Dogs like playing and goofing around, cats like sleeping and grooming. These are very well-known facts, but are they even true? Cats can be so elegant and calculating, so gorgeous and arrogant that most people aren’t even aware cats also have a goofy side. But anyone who raised a cat knows cats are some weird dudes, with some pretty inexplicable habits and behavior which some have taken to term “cat logic”.

1. “Hello human, why are you upside-down?”

ʍoǝɯ from r/aww

2. Homes are for sitting on

My friend built a house for his cat... from r/cats

3. “The 100$ cat tower my owner bought me or a cardboard box? Hmmm…”

Cat Logic from r/aww

4. This is why you must always shut and lock the toilet door

What a weird cat from r/funny

5. Cats watch us shower because they think we’re in danger and are trying to protect us

Hey, what are you doing? You taking a shower? That's cool. I'll just hang out here.

6. Little known fact: cats invented acro-yoga

My son and my cat have a weird relationship. from r/funny

7. With whiskers and deadly-sharp claws and fangs

Angels. Absolute angels. from r/cats

8. The rule of thumb is to never use the appliances we buy for them if there’s an alternative

He's got a full bowl of water inside. Moron from r/aww

9. Huh?

This is my friends cat eating dinner

10. Huge improvement

Don't Sit On The Keyboard?

11. The food in the tank is fresher

This is how my cat eats... from r/funny


12. “Back support? What’s that?”

Cat logic: comfortable.

13. The Grinch’s adorable niece

Her annual Christmas ritual from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

14. A gorgeous black cat and a loaf of bread

There are two types of people... from r/funny

15. “Who, me? I’m just casually sitting on a door handle”

Cats are strange

16. Found this oversized bat in my house


17. Cozy suffocation

Breathing wasn’t a consideration I guess... from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

18. “Use one of the empty beds? Whatever for?”

Two empty cat beds...nah I’ll sleep right here. from r/cats

19. Sure, that makes sense

Cat logic

20. To be fair, he’s just emulating his owner staring at his phone

My cat has been like this for 30 minutes now...the heater is not on so I have no idea... from r/aww

21. What did you THINK they put in these seasoning packets?

“Try my extra ingredient.” from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

22. Cats have a major shoe fetish

This is how my cat sleeps. from r/funny

23. This is what a genius looks like

Just bought a new game for our cat Thomas but I think he's playing wrong from r/cats

24. That’s exactly how I sleep

Does anyone else's cat sleep like this? from r/aww

25. Doing some Pilates

So I bought my cat a scratching post... from r/cats

26. “A little help here?”

"I can't leave you alone for one second, can I?" from r/aww


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