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11 National Geographic Photography Winners

 National Geographic has escorted me all my life. It has, for over a century, been responsible for spreading the most wonderful photos of our planet and its nature, vistas, animals and human civilizations. Every time I see their photos I think nothing can surprise me, and every time I am taken by surprise with these incredible photos coming to life. Indeed, their photographers are top notch, and bring something sublime right to our monitors. Enjoy these 11 contest winners and runner ups of the NG's Traveling Photography Competition.
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Greenlandic Winter by Weimin Chu
National Geographic Photography Winners
This is a photo of Upernavik, a tiny fishing village on a tiny island in Greenland. If you're wondering about the various colors of the houses, it harkens back to a tradition of painting buildings for their different uses, so you can see it even when there's snow all over. 
Streets of Dhaka by Sandipani Chattopadhyay
National Geographic Photography Winners
These people are praying on the streets of Dhaka, in Bangladesh. This is happening during Ljtema, one of the major Islamic gatherings observed yearly in Dhaka. So many Muslims come to the city at this time, that they must pray outside for the mosques are all completely filled. 
Dream Catcher by Danny Sepkowski
National Geographic Photography Winners
This photographer caught a huge wave in Hawaii moments before it broke, showing its myriad colors on a beautiful morning.
Showtime by Huaifeng Li
National Geographic Photography Winners
These are Actors, and they are preparing for an evening of opera performance in Licheng County, China.  The residence is a cave dug into the Loess layer of the earth, to create heat preserving caves that help protect them from the winter chills.
National Geographic Photography Winners
This photo was taken during the Spanish yearly celebration of the Feast of Saint Anthony, during the ceremony of the purification of animals, called Las Luminaries. The horsemen urge the horses to jump over bonfires in a ritual that harkens back more than 200 years. The animals are not hurt and the ceremony is repeated every year.
Mood by Navin Vatsa
National Geographic Photography Winners
This photo was taken on the Yamuna River, located in Delhi in India. It was early morning, and there were quite a few visitors enjoying the gorgeous movement of thousands of birds. This one boy was staring silently, thinking, pensive. 
King of the Alps by Jonas Schafer
National Geographic Photography Winners
This photo was taken in Switzerland, in an area called the Bernese Oberland. We see a herd of ibexes going over a ridge. No other animal is as adapted to living under these steep conditions, and that is why the photo is named as it is. The photographer adds that these ibexes frequently stopped and took in the view from these huge heights.
Daily Routine by Yoshiki Fujiwara
National Geographic Photography Winners
This Hong Kong basketball court is usually filled with young players. But at sunrise, a lone old man does his daily Tai Chi routine.
Tender Eyes by Tamara Blazquez Haik
National Geographic Photography Winners
The eyes of this Griffon Vulture negate his reputation. But can you see this soaring bird and not admire its beauty? Vultures are an important part of the environment, and serve an important purpose. This photo was taken in Spain, above the Monfragüe National Park.
In the Age of Aviation by Jassen Todorov
National Geographic Photography Winners
A windy day at the San Francisco International Airport, and we are seeing the approach of several planes to its four runways.
Dusky Dolphins by Scott Portelli
National Geographic Photography Winners
Dusky dolphins, a fast moving and group loving species of dolphins, are seen here in the deep, deep waters of Kaikoura, New Zealand, as they search for food, coming up only occasionally to breathe. They are great swimmers and maneuvers in the deep ocean.
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