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A Pet Beauty Pageant in 18 Pictures

 Some pets aren’t simply cute, loyal and loving. Some are also drop-dead gorgeous, so much so, we must admit we’re kind of jealous. To top it all off, these model pets can also strike a mean pose for the camera. Here are some of the most handsome and photogenic pets around:
1. This Blonde in a Slightly Risqué Pose
Beautiful pets: golden retriever
2. This Siamese Is a Master of the Over-the-Shoulder Stare
Beautiful pets: siamese
3. This Rabbit’s Signature Move: One Ear Pricked Up, the Other Relaxed
Beautiful pets: rabbit
4. This Majestic Samoyed Has a Shampoo Sponsorship
Beautiful pets: samoyed
5. You Don’t Hear This Very Often, but That Is One Beautiful Lizard
Beautiful pets: chameleon
6. This Norwegian Forest Librarian Cat Is Prettier than 99% of People
Beautiful pets: Norwegian forest catSource: Pieter Lanser
7. Rodents Can Be Handsome, Too! Take This Chinchilla, For Example
Beautiful pets: chinchilla
8. Or This Colorful Guinea Pig
Beautiful pets: guinea pig
9. This Cocker Spaniel Probably Won Every Pageant She Participated In
Beautiful pets: spaniel
10. Is This a Rose, or a Halfmoon Betta Fish?
Beautiful pets: betta fishSource: racky salzman
11. Little Known Fact: Border Collies Are Bred to Be Supermodels
Beautiful pets: border collie
12. But They Have Some Tough Competition from Maine Coons
Beautiful pets: maine coon
13. This Ravishing Parakeet has a Fabulous Plumage
Beautiful pets: parakeet
14. He Calls That Stare “Green Steel”
Beautiful pets: maine coon
15. Ever Seen a Golden Ferret?
Beautiful pets: ferret
16. This Husky Made a Career out of this Mysterious Pout
Beautiful pets: husky
17. Rainbow Lorikeets are a Pest in Many Places, but They’re a Stunning Pest at That
Beautiful pets: lorikeet
18. This Bengal Baby Showing Off His Leopard Print
Beautiful pets: bengal
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