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Hilarious and Heartwarming Working Dogs

 For about 15,000 years, humans have been co-existing and working with dogs. Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by humans, well before livestock and cultivated crops and assisted humans in hunting. For much of human history, the main occupation of dogs was aiding people in chasing and bringing back prey, and many of their hunting instincts are still evident in canine behavior.
With hunting becoming obsolete and unpopular, dogs have not been idling about, and many dogs still do incredibly important work. Here are 20 funny pictures of dogs who are absolute workaholics:
1. Canine Lifeguards in Croatia
2. Riley Sniffs Out Gasoline and Other Fire Accelerants at Suspected Arson Sites
Dogs working: arson dogSource: State Farm
3. This Faithful Companion Helps His Owner Clean the Street
4. Dogs Have Supplanted Pigs in Truffle Hunting, Probably Because They Don’t Try to Eat the Truffles
5. I HATE Getting Calls from These Telemarketers
6. Bosco the Dog Became the Mayor of Sunol, CA in 1981 and Served Until His Death in 1994
Dogs working: mayor dog
7. Harriet the Lab Librarian
8. Service Dogs like This One Aid Autistic Children by Protecting Them, Calming Them When They're Upset and Teaching Them about Companionship
Dogs working: autism dogSource: Zipster969
9. “What Will You Be Having, Friend?”
10. Pickle Is a Real Hero, a Part of a Search & Rescue Unit in British Columbia
11. Doug, the Vet Receptionist
12. This Dapper Fellow Is a Greeter at a Mens’ Fashion Store
13. Rusty Is So Invaluable in His Job Comforting Hospital Patients, They Commemorated Him in a Portrait
14. This Proud Dog Protects and Helps Sea Turtles Hatch!
15. Dogs Help Reduce Stress in High-Pressure Environments, Such as the Classroom
Dogs working: classroom dogSource: Rmarte
16. Uuno the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Helps Animate Video Games
Good boy dog, Uuno, works very hard as a video game developer.

17. Well, It’s Official

Jax is the official stamp licker at the post office

18. I Just Hope He Doesn’t Drool All Over It

My local hardware has a dog that follows you around, and takes your items to the counter for you.

19. Amos the Labrador Helps Comfort and Calm People Testifying in Court

20. "I’m Going to Have to Ask You to Get Me that Treat by 7, OK? Thanks, Pal"

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