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Teaching about Animals Through Humor and Art

 Ontario-based nature illustrator Danielle Dufault (Twitter) has a mission: to educate people about the animals that share this world with us, using humor and scathing wit, her gorgeous pencil art and beautifully-crafted videos full of information.

Dufault is an assistant at the Royal Ontario Museum, where she uses her artistic skills to recreate long-extinct creatures, such as dinosaurs, trilobites, and ammonites. But in her spare time, she battles extinction by creating informative and entertaining videos about animals and teaching about conservation.

Her YouTube channel, Animalogic, contains dozens of short-to-medium length (5-10 minutes) videos, where Dufault describes the animals’ peculiar habits, their diet and hunting, social structure and more, interspersed with video capture of the animals and a live-capture of Dufault’s illustration of them.


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