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Admire the Natural Beauty of Earth In Award-Winning Photos

 The natural world on our planet is so varied, and yet somehow all equally beautiful. From the desert dunes to the depths of the oceans, the world is booming in both plant and animal life, but living in our concrete jungles, we often forget how glorious and humbling nature truly is. To help us see the big picture, the synonymously-named BigPicture nature photography competition aims to showcase the diversity of nature across the globe, inspiring natural conservation and wildlife protection through art.
For the fifth year in a row, the competition welcomed entries from all over the world and picked the best of the best across 7 categories, as well as a grand prize winner. Take a look at these stunning photos and see the world from a whole new angle.
The Grand Prize Winner

Title: Black Grouse Showing Off

Author: Audun Rikardsen

Location: Tromsø, Norway
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Audun Rikardsen
This year's grand prize winner was chosen of a whopping 6,500 entries, and it depicts Norwegian nature and wildlife in a fresh and crisp photographic style. Audun Rikardsen's winning photo earned him a $5.000 prize, as well as a special feature at the yearly BigPicture exhibition at the California Academy of Sciences. Other winners spanned across 7 different categories:
  • Aquatic Life
  • Art of Nature
  • Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Flora
  • Terrestrial Wildlife
  • Winged Life
  • Human/Nature
  • and 2019 Photo Story: Pushing the Limit.

'Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Flora' Winner

Title: Duality

Author: Armand Sarlangue

Location: Senja Island, Norway
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Armand Sarlangue
This category features fascinating landscapes of locations in the wild all across the Earth. The requirement for the participants was to present a landscape in a novel perspective, be it mountain, a picture of waves or an aerial shot of the jungle.

'2019 Photo Story: Pushing the Limit' Winner

Title: Longest Migration

Author: Peter Mather

Location: Northern Yukon, Alaska, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Peter Mather
This unique category is a 5-8 photo collection of a special journey, documentary or narrative in style. This year's winning collection tells the story of Northern nature, wildlife conservation and the culture of the people of the north. We have another photo from this series further down.

'Winged Life' Finalist

Title: Rainbow Lorikeet Eating Nectar

Author: Cortez Austin
Location: Lamington National Park, Australia
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Cortez Austin

'Art of Nature' Winner

Title: Clouds of Salt

Author: Chiara Salvadori
Location: Salar de Antofalla, Argentina
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Chiara Salvadori
Yet another creative category, the finalists of the 'Art of Nature' category were required to present nature as an abstract subject matter. In the picture above, for example, the salt pan in Argentina looks like a closeup photo of waves and a snow-laden Arctic mountain simultaneously. Fun fact: none of the photos of this category are allowed to use Photoshop or any other photo editing software, they are all 100% authentic.

'Aquatic Life' Finalist

Title: Crab Eater Seal Resting on the Ice

Author: Antartica
Location: Florian Ledoux
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Florian Ledoux
This astounding aerial photo of seals makes them look like fish, doesn't it? Just imagine the size of that iceberg!

'Aquatic Life' Winner

Title: Sea Dragon

Author: Pier Mane
Location: Galápagos, Ecuador
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Pier Mane
Have you ever seen a lizard underwater? The winner of this year's 'Aquatic life' category depicts a marine iguana species native to the Galapagos islands hunting. These unusual and enormous animals are unique to the islands and this picture definitely contributed to my knowledge of marine life.

'Terrestrial Wildlife' Finalist

Title: Traveling to the Edge

Author: Prince (Buddy) Eleazer
Location: Namib-Naukluft Desert, Namibia
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Prince (Buddy) Eleazer

'Landscapes, Waterscapes and Flora' Finalist

Title: The Renardo Legacy

Author: Check My Dream
Location: Flakstad Beach, Norway
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Check My Dream

'Human/ Nature' Finalist

Title: Flamingo Socks

Author: Jasper Doest
Location: Julianadorp, Curaçao
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Jasper Doest

'2019 Story: Pushing the Limit' Winner

Title: Longest Migration

Author: Peter Mather
Location: Northern Yukon, Alaska, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, United States and Canada
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Peter Mather

'Winged Life' Winner 

Title: Losing Wings

Author: Piotr Naskrecki
Location: Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Piotr Naskrecki
The animals of the sky were represented in this year's competition by a colony of ants simultaneous losing their wings in the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Their wings almost look like an abstract tapestry, woven by mother nature herself.

'Art of Nature' Finalist

Title: Río Tinto

Author: Mario Suárez Porras
Location: Río Tinto, Spain
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Mario Suárez Porras

'Terrestrial Wildlife' Winner

Title: Brown bear. Underwater view.

Author: Mike Korostelev
Location: Ozernaya River, South-Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary, Kamchatka, Russia
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners Mike Korostelev
The proud winner of this year's terrestrial animals is this brown bear selfie from Kamchatka, Russia. Who knew bears can take selfies, too?

'Human\Nature' Winner

Title: The Human Touch

Author: James Gifford
Location: Senkwekwe Center, Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo
BigPicture 2019 Competition Winners James Gifford
Celebrating the relationship between humans and animals is this portrait. How is it possible to deny that animals are intelligent and are capable of true emotions after seeing this photograph?
Images used and cover image: BigPicture 2019
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