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17 Fun Signs People Encountered Around the World

 We present to you a compilation of some of the most hilarious signs people accidentally stumbled upon on the street, be it a classic English translation fail, a message to Mike, using street signs as a means of self-expression or something inexplicable and completely out of this world. Whatever their origin, they will all make you laugh or cry, or why not both? Who knows, maybe you will witness one of these Internet-famous signs yourself, or maybe you already did, in which case we envy you because they’re that funny.
1. Fall carefully and don't harm any trees as you do so...
funny street signs fall carefully
2. All crimes are to be committed in the darkness of the night
funny street signs no crime hours
3. You had one job...and you blew it
funny street signs do not knife
4. Running with a large fish under your arm is strictly prohibited in this area
funny street signs running with fish
5. Creative business strategies
funny street signs adomino and pizza hot
6. Wait...is this an after-school program for teachers or for students?
funny street signs
7. How could the kind pastor possibly resist such a courteous invitation?
funny street signs
8. So that's what sarcasm looks like!
funny street signs
9. A truly impenetrable enclosure
funny street signs private lake
10. A tough choice indeed...
funny street signs boiled water bathroom
11. He's bluffing!
funny street signs call your mom
12. Don't listen to this sign either, it wants to lure you in to the dark side...
funny street signs drink and drive
13. I hope this one is just a joke...
funny street signs dead hookers in a toilet
14. Yeah, how could you be so cruel, Mike?
funny street signs Mike
15. A very interesting combination of merchandise
funny street signs weapons and puppies
16. So you're saying it's a gamble?
funny street signs dozens of delicious flavors and 3 shitty ones
17. Surrender all your belongings to the wild monkey or else he 'bites brutality'
funny street signs wild monkey
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