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10 Neat Kitchen Tricks and Hacks

 Knowing your way around the kitchen is all about knowing the right tricks to save time, preserve food for longer periods of time and making the best use of the tools you have. Here are some ingenious hacks that’ll help you around the kitchen:

1. Use the cutting board’s hole

Cooking hacks: cutting board
When dropping cut vegetables into a salad bowl, pan or pot, drag them through the hole created by the cutting board’s handle. This way, vegetables won’t fly all over the place. 

2. Preserve bacon in the freezer

Cooking hacks: baconSource: Reddit
Worried about your bacon going bad? Take parchment paper and fold it like an accordion. Place the bacon strips between the folds and put in the freezer.

3. Use onion rings when frying eggs

Cooking hacks: eggsSource: Reddit
If you want your sunny side up or omelet to be perfectly round, pour the egg into an onion ring. The onion itself will lend a lot of flavor to the egg.

4. Keep barbecued fish from sticking

Cooking hacks: grilled fishSource: Reddit
To keep fish from dehydrating and sticking to the grill, lay it on a “bed” of lemon slices. The lemony zest will also improve upon the flavor.

5. Heat things evenly in the microwave

Cooking hacks: microwaveSource: Reddit
Arrange your food in a ring and leave the center vacant when microwaving food. Your food should be evenly heated.

6. Keep the tomato tucked in

Cooking hacks: tomatoesSource: Imgur
To prevent tomato slices from sliding out of the sandwich while eating, wrap them in whatever cold cut slices you’re using in your sandwich.

7. Re-crisp soggy chips

If your chips are getting soggy due to humidity, put lay them out on a paper towel over a plate and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

8. Peel hard-boiled eggs neatly

Cooking hacks: egg
Before peeling the shell off, put the egg in cold water and let it cool off.

9. Rinse apples in hot water before cleaning

Cooking hacks: apple
Put apples in hot water before you wash and clean them. This will remove the coating of wax on the apple.

10. Reuse toothpick containers

Cooking hacks: toothpicksSource: Susan Slater
Plastic toothpick containers are perfectly-shaped and reusable as salt, pepper or spice shakers.
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