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Joke: The smartest or dumbest dog

 A man is in a convenience store and sees a dog walk in holding a Bag.

The dog approaches the counter, buries his face in the bag and pulls out a list and some money and, using his mouth, "hands" it to the clerk.

The clerk starts filling in the bag with groceries. And leaves the change on the counter. The dog stares at the money, and then at the clerk and starts growling "Grrrrr".

The clerk says "fine fine" and adds in the $10 he was trying to shortchange the dog with.

The dog puts everything back in the bag and saunters off.

joke dog with glasses and calculator

The man thinks this is very interesting and decides to follow the dog to see what else it will do.

He watches the dog reach a traffic light. Sit and wait for it to say "WALK" before it crosses.

He eventually follows it to a building. It jumps up and presses an apartment number with it its paw.The door buzzes open and the dog goes in. The man sneaks in behind it.

The dog goes to the elevator and pushes the up button with its snout. They both get into the elevator and the dog presses the button for the 8th floor.

Once there, the dog goes to an apartment door and starts scratching.

An older man opens the door and starts shouting at the dog, telling it how stupid it is.

The man who’s just witnessed how amazing this dog is decides to intervene.“Excuse me! But I think you’re being unfair to your dog. This is the most amazing dog I’ve ever seen. I saw it buy groceries for you, check the change it got was right, get all the way back up here and now you’re calling it stupid?”

The old man replies “Well, this is the 3rd time this week this dumbass forgets his keys!”





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