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30 Adorable Bunnies are Ready for Easter

 April's here, which means Easter's right around the corner! Let's celebrate with these adorable Easter Rabbit contenders:
1. Those dreamy droopy ears
Bunnies: droopy
2. So tiny!
Bunnies: tiny
3. The white one did NOT expect this kiss
Kissing bunnies!
4. Sacred geometry
Bunnies lying down together
5. Are they OK?
They Ran Out of Batteries...
6. This bunny was saved from a cat on Easter!
Seemed fairly appropriate that I would save this from a cat on Easter.
7. Fuzzball watching over his eggs
Bunnies: fuzzy
8. Spring is these bunnies' favorite season
Bunnies: spring
9. Rockin' that short haircut
Bunnies: short fur
10. Ever wondered how many baby bunnies fit inside cupped hands? No? Well here’s the answer, anyway
Baby Bunnies.
11. Call a doctor, my heart might explode of cuteness!
Is a title even needed
12. Sleep tight, sweet baby
She fell asleep in my palm as we were cleaning out the kit nest today.
13. I like starting my day with a cup of warm bunny
Baby bunny. Banana for scale.
14. Standing guard
Bunnies: standing
15. "I found them! I won!"
Bunnies: Easter
16. Rabbits like kissing humans, too!
Boop! My favourite photo of my SO with Pushkin
17. Where Easter eggs come from
Seems like the easter egg production has started.
18. OH. MY. WORD.
Pure fluff.
19. This is MY carrot! Do not touch!
[Cute Bunny] Catching a Ride on a Carrot Stick
20. Beautiful blue eyes
Bunnies: blue eyes
21. Ginger hopper
Bunnies: red
22. Calico bunny
Bunnies: calico
23. Add one cup of bunny to the mixture and stir
One cup of floof to start your day.
24. I’m loving the new Romeo and Juliet adaptation
cute bunnies - tiny kiss
25. Check out the poor guy in the middle
My wife has some cute bunnies, figured it would fit in herer/aww
26. That little shirt is just too much!
Cute bunny
27. They come with short ears, too
Bunnies: short ears
28. The rare kangaroo bunny
Pocket bunny!
29. Ever tickled a rabbit?
30. Is this an egg or a rabbit?
Bunnies: wild
Bonus: rabbit stampede in Japan
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