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Cats Would Sit on Anything, so Why Not a Camera?

 This will come as no shock to anyone who owns a feline companion, but the one thing cats love above anything else in the world is sitting down. It can be on your lap, on your chest, on your keyboard (while you’re midway writing an article), in a cardboard box, or on top of the fridge. For cats, the world is a furniture store, or as the internet put it: “if it fits, I sits.”
Glass surfaces are no exception, and there are quite a number of pictures making the rounds online of cats sitting down on glass tables, demonstrating how their bodies get smooshed and flattened against the transparent pane.
Andrius Burba, a professional photographer from Lithuania, was among the many people who saw these pictures and found them absolutely hilarious, and he decided to recreate this genre of pictures in a professional, hi-def setting.
British Shorthair
Under-cats: British shorthair
British shorthairs are easy to recognize due to their broad features, dense coat of fur (despite its relative short length) and pronounced “smile”. In fact, this breed was quite possibly the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat. 
Under-cats: ragdoll
One of the biggest cat breeds, ragdolls are also among the most mild-mannered. They tolerate being handled, love following their owners around and get along splendidly with other pets. That, coupled with their lush coat makes them very desirable pets.
Under-cats: Bengal
If this breed’s name brings images of tigers and leopards to your mind, you’re not far off. Created through hybridization with feral leopard cats, Bengals are born hunters and enjoy giving a good chase. They are also among the only cats who enjoy playing with water.
Japanese Bobtail
Under-cats: Japanese bobtail
These cats are easy to tell due to their bobbed tail. Calico bobtails are the most popular, and odd-colored eyes like this one are more likely to occur in this breed than in others. They are extremely attentive and friendly. An old Japanese folk legend tells of a cat whose tail caught fire setting blaze to the imperial capital, causing Japan’s emperor to issue a decree that all cats should have their tails removed.
Oriental Shorthair
Under-cats: oriental shorthair
This funny-looking cat with bat-like ears may resemble Yoda from Star Wars or Dobby, the elf, from Harry Potter, but despite their sprite-like appearance, they are said to be unusually responsible and mature, as far as cats go, and tend to be rather quiet.
Devon Rex
Under-cats: Devon rex
Sometimes described as a monkey-like cat, the devon rex is extremely clever, playful and athletic, and have a learning aptitude above and beyond what you’d expect of a cat. They can learn to perform tricks and walk on a leash, and many enjoy sitting on their owner’s shoulder.
Under-cats: Burmese
These chocolatey, muscular cats love their humans and retain a lot of their kitten energy long into adulthood. They particularly enjoy playing fetch and tag, drawing comparison to dogs, and they are a rather talkative breed.
Maine Coon
Under-cats: Maine Coon
Among the largest of domestic cats, Maine coons are highly coveted as pets for their regal appearance, gorgeous coat, leonine manes and bushy tails. For all of their marvelous fluff, they are extremely adept hunters, but are typically serene in the company of their humans.
Selkirk Rex
Under-cats: Selkirk rex
You might think this frizzy-haired cat had a bad hair day, but no- Selkirks are highly prized for their lamb-like curls. They are often rather laid-back in disposition and like to cuddle.
American Curl
Under-cats: American curl
This breed is easily-distinguishable for its hilariously-shaped ears, which, if it was not clear from their name, are curled backwards. They are very affectionate, which makes it all the harder to stay mad at them when they get into places they’re not supposed to go, such as opening cupboards and doors on their own.
Egyptian Mau
Under-cats: Egyptian mau
While most tabbies bear stripes, the Mau is one of the only breeds that sports a spotted coat like a cheetah's. They are highly athletic and are considered especially intelligent and expressive.
Image source: Andrius BurbaDimitri dF
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