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Scenes of Family Love Courtesy of the Internet

 The internet can be a very toxic place where anonymous people endlessly spar and fling mud over politics, taste in music and which animal wins in a duel (yes, that’s a thing, apparently), which is all the more reason to relish it when people manage to break the mold and use the web to brighten each other’s days.

These people did just that by sharing their incredibly heartwarming stories and scenes of family love:


1. If this doesn’t make you want to adopt a cat, I don’t know what will

As a newly single mom, I thought we could use a third member of the family. The first ride home, I knew she was the perfect addition. from r/aww


2. So you want to pick a hobby and can’t choose between crafts and bird-feeding? Why not both?

Recently, every morning my father places bird food in the yard for my mother to wake up on this view.


3. The tattoos must be a genetic thing

My dad and I recreated a tender moment 34 years later


4. Can you count the number of living creatures inhabiting this couch?

I'm just glad they all get along.


5. If you knew and felt the love of all of your grandparents, you should count your blessings


6. Solidarity at its finest

His baby wears a head-shaping helmet so he's got the whole family wearing helmets now.


7. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree


8. These precious little teddy bears

One of my 6m old twin girls learned how to wave... Now it's all she does


9. Did we mention cats are the best?


10. You may not remember, but grandma always does

My grandmother recently passed away and my mom found this card in her house. I apparently gave her 10 cents on her birthday when I was 2 and she taped it to a card and kept it her whole life.


11. This fiancé who makes music recommendation apps redundant

Every time my fiancé hears a song at his work that he thinks I’ll like he writes it down on a scrap of paper to give to me when he gets home.


12. Absolutely heartrending

Daddy's Little girl - My dad was a police officer who worked in Major crash. I was 3y/o On Christmas Day. He had spent the day At A fatal car crash where 2 children had died. - I only found this out today


13. The resemblance is uncanny

My son was excited to find Daddy in his new Lego kit


14. The luckiest man on earth

Here is my wife thinking she is surprising me, scraping snow off my car, after a 12 hour night shift at the hospital. I'm a lucky fella.


15. We may pass away, but our love lasts forever

My grandpa passed away a few months ago. I visited his house today for the first time since and his wife has their wedding outfits hanging like this in their house. This is true love.


16. This adorable couple is almost too much to handle

My Grandpa and his old friend Wynton (Marsalis) braving the cold

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