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10 Meaning of Words

 Due to cultural changes, incorrect translations, and a host of other reasons, the meaning of certain words has shifted over time. In fact, below are 10 words that have completely changed their meaning. 
opposite meanings

Meaning: Very unpleasant

Originally, awful meant inspiring wonder, deriving from 'full of awe'.

opposite meanings

Meaning: A person who mocks or harms those who are weaker

Originally, a bully meant a good fellow or a darling. It is believed to have evolved from the Dutch word 'boel', meaning 'lover'.

opposite meanings

Meaning: Contrived or false

Originally, artificial meant artfully and skillfully constructed. 

opposite meanings

Meaning: Evildoer

Originally, villain meant a trusted farm hand. It used to be spelled villein, which then evolved into the version we are familiar with today. 

opposite meanings

Meaning: A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject

Originally, symposium referred to a drinking party. The word comes from the Greek word 'symposion' which the ancient Greeks used to describe their boozy banquets.

opposite meanings

Meaning: A promiscuous woman

Originally, harlot referred to a goofy, mischievous man.

Moot point
opposite meanings

Meaning: A matter of no importance

Originally, moot point referred to a hypothetical idea created specifically to be talked about. 

opposite meanings

Meaning: Indignation

Originally resentment meant gratitude.

opposite meanings

Meaning: Seeming fair, but falsely so

Originally meant fair or beautiful. 

opposite meanings

Meaning: Shockingly bad

Originally referred to anything that separates itself from a group. 

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