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7 Stunning Roads From Around the World

 A road trip is one of the best kinds of travel experiences you can have. It allows you to enjoy the journey at your own pace, pausing during mesmerizing moments and capturing them at your will. While there are numerous roads to travel down, some roads have a special allure about them, be it the landscape, the curves, the turns, or the diversity of the route. Here are 7 incredible roads you should take a trip through.

1. The Road to Red Beach, China


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This road is located at Panjin in the Chinese province of Liaoning. It drives through a beach, but it isn't exactly a beach. Rather, it's the world's largest marshy wetland, where the water is covered with moss. During autumn, the moss in this area transforms into a soothing crimson color, standing in stark contrast to the yellow fields next to it. The two are divided by a long stretch of road with green borders. 

2. Stelvio Pass, Italy


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Elevated at 9,045ft, Stelvio Pass is the highest paved roadway in the Easstern Alps. It is famous for its Giro d'Italia cycling race and is only accessible during the summer season. Alternatively, you can skip the car drive and opt for a bike ride. 

3. The Desert Road, U.A.E.


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This endless stretch of road in the vast desert will calm your nerves. Just imagine the sweltering sun, the smooth sand and your swift ride. Encounter nature's dry side and feel mesmerized by the desert as you drive down this road in Dubai. The journey becomes more beautiful than the destination. 

4. Ruta 40, Argentina


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With the stunning Andes Mountain range that runs parallel, this highway is best known for its adventure tourism. The bends, gravel paths and deserted stretches make for one incredible ride. Travel the complete stretch and experience almost everything that nature has to offer including mountains, sea, desert and forest. 

5. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland


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Previously known as Monte Tremolo, the Gotthard Pass is one of the most scenic highways in the world for a road trip. Its serpentine roads and beautiful Swiss Alps as the backdrop offers breathtaking views and undoubtedly, some of the best memories of the Alps. The road does have many sharp twists and turns. 

6. National Highway 22, India
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This road is located in the scenic Himachal Pradesh and is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is full of unpredictable sharp bends. Two vehicles pass side by side, when there is barely enough space for one. Nevertheless, while driving along this road, you can enjoy the majestic mountains as you drive through. 
7. The Seven Mile Bridge, USA
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This bridge is often called 'the doorway to the Keys' as it connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys in Florida, in the US. The bridge is part of the famous Overseas Highway (aka U.S. Route 1) - one of the routes you must  travel at least once in your lifetime. The highway has a pristine view of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, offering the best of Florida coastal landscapes.
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