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Three Tips For a Juicy Burger

 Who doesn't love food that is grilled? Primarily when it comes to burgers, or literally any meat. Grilled foods taste so incredible making us want to grill just about anything every day. Yet no matter how amazing you are at grilling, there are always a set of tips and tricks to take your grilling to the next level. Check out the tips below, ensuring that you take your grilled goodies from great to gourmet:

1. Better (and Safer) Grill Cleaning
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Have you heard about the dangers of grill brushes? Those metal bristle brushes that you typically use to clean off your grill can sometimes fall off the brush and stay on the grill getting lodged into your food. It is, of course, unsafe to ingest one and for this reason, experts have come up with a new way of cleaning your grill, using aluminum foil. Simply crumple up a piece of aluminum foil and pick it up in between tongs, scrubbing down the hot grill with the foil. This will get the crud off.
2. Perfect Kebabs
juice burger
Kebabs are versatile and fun. But what we hate is how those wooden skewers tend to get burned or light on fire when they are cooling on the grill. To avoid this, bear in mind this simple trick: Simply soak the skewers in a bowl of water for 15 to 20 minutes before cooking to avoid any dangerous flames. It is also recommended that you use two skewers per kebab to ensure that they don't slip through the grates.
3. Iced Burgers
juice burger
It may seem odd, and possibly disgusting and unnecessary to put ice cubes on your burgers. But, we promise you, it isn't. While burgers on the grill are amazing, what you want are juicy burgers on the grill. Achieving the perfect burger is hard, however, with this brilliant trick, you'll manage. When your raw patties are cooking on the grill simply put a pad of butter on top of them. Or, for a healthier option, use an ice cube. This will melt into the burger as it cooks making it your juiciest burger ever. 
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