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A Doctor's Take on Popular Health Myths and Real Health Tips

 Taking health advice from unqualified beauty gurus and celebrities can quickly turn into a disaster, even if they mean well... Finally, a qualified, practicing doctor decided to create his own channel on the ubiquitous online video platform that is YouTube.

His videos are not only fact-checked, backed by scientific evidence and clinical experience, but they are also very entertaining. What's not to love? In this video collection, we present to you a mix of several videos about popular health myths, some health tips, and practical advice, as well as mental health.

If you want to find out the truth about probiotics & vitamins, how important it is to go on vacation every year or how the ailments of your body are connected to your emotional state, simply start watching this playlist or choose the video that looks the most appealing to you.


Do you find that you get sick several times every winter and nothing seems to help? Try following these scientifically-proven tips that can increase your immunity and make you get the flu significantly less often.
If you are like me and every time you're stressed or very upset you get a terrible headache, you will find this video very interesting. Dr. Mike discusses how important it is to remain calm and spread a positive attitude to everyone around you, even in a clinical setting.
We have written about the importance of gut health and maintaining your gut microbiome on several occasions, and we're in good company, as Dr.Mike supports our opinions and gives some amazing advice on how to improve gut health easy and fast.
Do you want to know a trained professional's honest opinion about the influenza vaccine? Here is your chance. Dr. Mike addresses the most popular and important questions people usually have about the flu vaccine, so we highly recommend this video to everyone.  
Some people are definitely more prone to look back and remember the happiest and most emotional moments in their lives than others. If you love taking a trip to memory lane, you may be in luck. More about the link between nostalgia and mental health in this video.
While many people really do need to supplement their diet with vitamins and nutrients due to a specific condition or another medical circumstance, but most of us get plenty of nutrients from our food, especially if you try to maintain a healthy and diverse diet... 
Here is the truth about rest and vacations: it turns out that both are essential to your health. Find out how taking a vacation will benefit your health and are likely to increase your life span from this informative video.
This has been a hot and very controversial subject for the past few years and it's about time to restore the balance in this polarizing topic. In this video, Dr. Mike will interview people on the street and answer all their questions and concerns about vaccination.   
Here are some common mistakes people make before falling asleep that cause them to either feel tired even though they've slept enough or be sleepless altogether. Do you usually have a cup of joe in the afternoon? In that case, you may want to watch this video...
What if we told you that you can increase your life span by more than 10 years and significantly boost the quality of your life by making only 5 changes? Find out what these 5 things are in this last, but definitely not least video in the collection.

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