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Saluting Willie Nelson's 7 Decades of Music

It’s Grammy time, and on Wednesday evening, the Producers and Engineers wing of the Grammys decided to pay tribute to a man whose work spans seven decades, a giant of country, Willie Nelson. Nelson, 85, is famous for his gentle demeanor, his twin braids, and his trusted guitar, Trigger, which has been accompanying him since 1969. His brand of country manages to transcend genre and speak to people who might not usually like banjos and honky-tonk.


Nelson is actually nominated under two different categories: for his cover album of Sinatra (“My Way”) and for best American roots performance (“Last Man Standing”). Nelson recorded his debut record 1956 and has since recorded 68 albums. Nelson will be celebrating his 86th birthday on April 29th and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.



Image source: Larry Philpot

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