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10 Great Songs to Help You Meditate

 Meditation is the regular practice of mindfulness and awareness, allowing one to be fully present in the exercise that is happening while at the same time feeling restful and peaceful. But in all the hustle, bustle and commotion in today’s world, it can be so tough to drown out the excess noise in the back of your mind and allow yourself to hear your thoughts. For that very reason, we’ve gathered this list of songs that are absolutely perfect for helping you find your place of peace and Zen.  


1. Visions of Paradise

This is a 9-minute song on the wondrous expanse that is our universe. This song makes you feel like you are floating above the world, looking down onto the waves of the ocean, watching Earth spin slowly on its axis. 

2. Release Unwanted Thoughts

A one-hour instrumental soliloquy that can help you to shed the negativity and stress weighing on your shoulders. As you move deeper into a state of mindfulness, this song will help clear your mind. Just 10 minutes of this song can make you relax.

3. OM 

Om (Aum) is a chant that is heard frequently in prayer and meditation and has been used for centuries to attain peace and enlightenment. It can also improve your health, longevity, mental stability, and many other wonderful things. One simple word with immense power.


4. Hanuman Chalisa

This song depicts a beautiful story from the ancient Indian epic, Ramayana, written and sung to express devotion to Hanuman, a god-like being, well known and loved for his bravery, loyalty, and wisdom. This melodic version is made with the santoor, sitar, and flute.

5. Back Inside

This track, by artist Gulan starts off slow to first draw you into a state of peace. As it picks up, endless landscapes and seascapes will formulate in your mind, as the myriad sounds surround you. The beauty of this song is, while the impact of the music becomes strong, the pace itself never changes. Its like taking a stroll through the best parts of the universe in your mind.

6. Relaxing Sleep Music

This 3-hour mix with music by Peder B Helland is an audio-visual treat that starts you off with the sheep you are desperately trying to count, and then takes you away to snow-covered mountains and brightly colored autumn forests. This video is the diamond in the rough that can help you get that peaceful nights sleep you’ve needed.

7. Elysium, Honor Him and Now We Are Free

Believe it or not, this peaceful but uplifting tune is none other than the Official SoundTrack (OST) for the movie, The Gladiator and has a life and fire of its own. Composed by Hans Zimmer, this song is merged together to soothe your soul and inspire you.

8. Peponi

This remake of the popular song "Paradise" by Coldplay is performed by The Piano Guys with the use of African Percussion instruments and sung by Alex Boye. Peponi, the Swahili word for Paradise, brings a melodic, classical and beautifully unique twist to a familiar and comforting song.

9. Coming Back To Life

his song, by the very popular band Pink Floyd, uses the guitar and synthesizer in a way that is absolutely soulful. Feel the words wash over you like they are your very own while the instruments take you to places of unparalleled beauty while giving you energy and revitalizing your soul. 

10. All Alone In The Night

This is another audio-visual treat perfect for those short breaks we need and a great watch to help you sleep at night. A view of our entire beautiful spinning planet, direct from the International Space Station, sped up to give you a glimpse of every beautiful phenomenon this planet has to offer, far above and beyond the daily stress.

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