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12 Cute Animal Moments That’ll Melt Your Heart

 When we have a bad day or even a bad moment, the only ones who can sometimes make us smile and forget what we're going through are animals, especially our pets. They aren’t busy with mortgage payments, exhausting work or responsibilities, and this knowledge makes us remember that life can also be worry-free if you only know how to see things. If you need a short break from your busy life, check out these 12 cute animals that’ll melt your heart and make you forget all your troubles, even for a few small moments.

“What’s that pink thing in your mouth?”

Bring brothers are always there to have your back. 

Food’s Ready!

He can’t hide his enjoyment!

“More petting please!”

A hug and two kisses.

“Not tonight babe, I have a headache.”

Thank god for the responsible adult.

Someone’s got to pet him!

He always saves a spot for one of the cats.

He didn’t ask for a massage, but he isn’t saying no to one either.

“Bye bye, see you later!”

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