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Remarkable Doors of London

 Bella Foxwell is a photographer who has been capturing the beauty of London's doors, which most people would rarely ever take any notice of. However, if you had to take a look at her Instagram page, appropriately titled, The Doors of London, you will see a rainbow of quirky facades. She started this account about two-and-a-half years ago as a challenge. Doors have long held a fascination for Bella for a couple of reasons.
She says, "It's partly that I admire people who put so much pride into their front door, particularly those that are very daring, with a strong shade of paint or extravagant door knocker, and it's partly that doors are very symbolic. Whether it's because they represent new opportunities, or because they remind us of home. There's something special about them." Through practice, she has come to learn what engages people and what doesn't. Unsurprisingly, the brighter, more colorful doors framed by foliage tend to get more engagement. So, from the streets of Notting Hill to the lively district of Brixton, take a look at Foxwell's stunning collection of doors:
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