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Joke: Getting Out of Work Early

 Phil, a program manager at a small business, walks out of his office and waved goodbye to his team of employees: Joe, Rick, and Andy.

They see Phil walking out, and unenthusiastically wave back.

A disgruntled Andy looks at the guys and says: “Can you believe this? Every day for the last 6 months this monkey leaves at 4:00 leaving the rest of us to work overtime.”

Joe: “I wish he would help us though, or at least hire more help. I’ve been watching re-runs of my favorite shows on the weekends because I keep missing them.”

Rick: “I know, it’s just not fair. I have kids I want to spend time with.”

Andy: “I don’t care about the project anymore. I haven’t had a home-cooked dinner in months because I’m always stuck working.”

joke employees

Rick: “Well what can we do? We can’t just ignore our work and leave like Phil does. We have deadlines.”

The guys all agreed Rick was right and continued to work ridiculous hours for the next week.

One day at lunch Andy piped up again.

Andy: “I’m sick of working these hours. I never get to see my wife, and Phil clearly has no idea how long we are here every night.”

Joe: “I know man. I missed last nights GoT premier and I’m having to avoid everyone who watched it.”

Rick: “I hear you both. I’ve missed every soccer game the boys had this month and my wife keeps hassling me about it.”

Andy: “You know what we should do? We should just leave early like Phil does. Forget working late.”

Rick: “What!? We can’t do that. If we leave early we will fall behind even more than we already are.”

Joe: “Yeah, what are you thinking Andy? Plus we will get caught and could lose our jobs.”

Andy: “Hear me out, first guys. Phil is our manager. He is the only one we report to, and how would he even know? He leaves every day at 4:00 on the dot. We just simply leave 15 minutes after he does.”

Joe: “I don’t know, Andy. That sounds really risky.”

Andy: “Come on. Don’t you want to see those shows you always talk about? How about you Rick? Don’t you want to see your kids play in their soccer games?”

Both Andy and Rick nod their heads in agreement.

Rick: “Okay but how would we— when would we even do this? Surely not today?”

Andy: “I don’t see why not? Rick your boys have a game tonight, right? It would be a great surprise for them to have you show up, and I bet your wife would forget all about the games you missed.”

Rick: “Yeah that would be a nice surprise for all of them.”

Joe: “So we're doing it? We're all leaving today 15 minutes after Phil does?”

Andy: “Yes. Now let’s finish up lunch and get back to work.”

The three guys went back to work, occasionally glancing at the clock just counting down the time till they could leave.

Sure enough, 4:00 rolls around and Phil comes strolling out of his office waving goodbye to his team.

All three wave back, this time a little more eager to bid their boss farewell. Fifteen minutes fly by and as they planned, each gets up from their desk and leaves for the day.

The next morning Rick, And, and Joe all meet up at the coffee machine in the break room at work.

joke people at coffee machine

Joe all eager from binge watching his favorite shows asked the other guys, “So how were your nights off??”

Rick: “Mine was great. The boys were totally surprised I showed up, they won their game and my wife was so happy.”

Joe: “That’s great Rick! I finally got caught up on my shows and even had time to start a new show.”

Rick: “What about you Andy, did you get that home cooked dinner you’ve been missing?”

Andy: “Heck no. I was pulling into the driveway and I saw Phil’s truck sitting right there. At first, I wasn’t sure, if it was him so I snuck out back to peek through the windows and sure enough he was sitting there having dinner with my wife. I got so scared he would see me, so I hauled my butt back here. We definitely can’t be skipping out early again boys.




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