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9 Tips to Care for Suede Boots

 If you've got a pair of UGGs or suede shoes, you know that caring for them is essential. UGGs and suede shoes are typically made from sheepskin and wool, materials that tend to become dirty and over time can look shabby if not cared for. Besides knowing how to clean them well, it's also important to take preventative steps to keep them from becoming dirty. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your UGGs should last a long time.
suede shoes tips

1. Cleaning suede shoes

First, you need to use a suede brush to remove any dirt on the surface. If you don't take this step to remove the surface dirt from your suede boots, you will end up pushing the dirt further into the fibers during the cleaning. Once you have brushed the surface of the shoes, use a damp cloth and scrub. It's important that you use water sparingly and avoid over-drenching the suede material, as too much water can cause them to stretch. Next, take some old rags, socks or newspapers, stuffing them into the boots. Doing so will help keep them from losing their shape as they dry. Then place them in a cool, dry area and allow them to dry for at least 24 hours. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight as this will cause the suede material to wrinkle, damaging the shoes.

2. Deodorizing suede boots

If you wear suede or UGG boots on a regular basis, it causes them to become dirty, and they will start to develop a strong odor. Fake suede shoes will produce an unpleasant smell faster than authentic ones, primarily because the material that they use does not allow the shoes to air as well, leading to excessive sweating and a buildup of bacteria. 

3. UGG boot deodorizer recipe

For a simple homemade UGG boot deodorizer, follow this simple recipe:

Two teaspoons baking soda
Two teaspoons corn flour
Several drops essential oil of your choice (optional)

Simply mix the baking soda and corn flour and essential oil, stirring to combine. Add the mixture to the inside of each boot to deodorize them. Let the baking soda sit for 24 hours, then turn them upside down and shake them out. Do this every week, keeping your boots smelling fresh. 

suede shoes tips

4. Removing tough stains

Stains which are greasy and oily can be a challenge to get out of UGG shoes. If you do have a grease stain on your suede shoes, you can use cornstarch or talcum powder to get it out. Simply sprinkle the cornstarch or powder over the stain and allow it to sit for several hours. The powder, or the cornstarch, will absorb the stain. You may need to repeat this process several times before the stain fully disappears. Once you have successfully removed the stain, clean the boots to get the surface back to the same color. 

5. Removing excess grime

If your suede shoes have a buildup of dirt and grime, get an UGG sheepskin cleaner and follow the directions, scrubbing the boots to remove the dirt and the grime. Once you're done cleaning the shoes, stuff them with paper towels or old newspapers, ensuring they keep their shape as they dry. Finally. allow them to dry for at least 24 hours. 

6. Cleaning suede shoes with vinegar

Soaking suede in water can ruin the material, which means you should never place your UGG boots in the washing machine. Try using vinegar instead by following these simple steps: Start by loosening the dirt on the surface of the footwear by brushing the material with an old toothbrush or suede brush. Then, pour one cup of white vinegar into a bowl. Dip a clean sponge into the vinegar and test on an inconspicuous area on the boot. If the dye transfers to the sponge, stop using the vinegar and consult a professional leather cleaner. If it seems fine, rub the white vinegar into the dirty areas of the show and allow the suede to thoroughly dry, then use the suede brush to raise the nap to its original splendor. The vinegar will leave an odor for a while, but it will eventually fade.

suede shoes tips

7. Removing tough stain, like marker

If you have tougher stains like marker, there is a simple way to remove them and so save your favorite pair of suede boots. One way to do this is with hairspray, which has been shown to be extremely useful in removing tough stains from the surface of UGG boots. To remove ink or similar stains, cover the stain with hairspray and let it sit for several hours, then apply a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap to the stain using a damp cloth. If the stain is still there, repeat the process until it is no longer visible. 

8. Renew the color of your suede boots

If your shoes have started to fade because of age or cleaning, you can restore the color with a suede dye. You can purchase this from most shoe stores, which sell them in a variety of colors and shades to best match your boots.

Tip: It would be wise to stuff your boots with something to help them hold their shape before you begin to dye them. 

9. Preventing stains

Of course, the best way to protect your UGGs from stains is to treat them regularly. You can do this using a stain repellent and a water repellent. There are many products available which you can use, just be sure that it is safe to use on suede and leather. And before you go out, be sure to treat them with proper water and stain repellent. 



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