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10 Rules to Live By This New Year

 If you are seeking to improve yourself in 2019, these small goals will lead you to wellness. You might not get to all of them, but if you follow through on most, you'll reap some awesome benefits. Here are 10 random resolutions for 2019. Take a look:
1. Do 10 push-ups every day
rules for wellness

No need to do them all at once, and it is also fine to keep your knees on the floor. If there's any reason you cannot do a push-up, substitute with 10 squats instead. One of the greatest benefits is that regular strength and resistance training has been linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular death. 

2. Craving a soda? The next 10 times you do so, have a glass of water instead

Research shows that sugary drinks increase the risk of obesity and heart disease, as well as diabetes. You'll also be saving on calories. Did you know that a 20-oz soda contains more than 240 calories? These calories don't give you a lasting feeling of fullness, so you won't eat any less either. 

3. Interact with 10 people you don't know in one day
rules for wellness

A number of studies confirm that more social interaction means a longer life. So get chatting with the taxi driver, a passenger on the train, and your grocer. 

4. The next time you go to a party, order sparkling water first

This would mean one less glass of wine and you will save 110 calories x 10 glasses of wine - 1,100 calories! 

5. Ask 10 relatives for their versions of your family's medical history
rules for wellness

Our understanding of our health history is often mistaken. And while you cannot change your genetic makeup, knowing the health issues other family members faced will help you find ways to reduce your risk. 

6. Eat on a dinner plate smaller than 10 inches

Since 1950, dinner plate sizes have increased by 25%. And just as you would expect, if you use a bugger plate, you'll likely pile more food on it, and that adds up. If you eat just 50 more calories a day you will increase in weight by up to about 5 pounds a year. 

7. The next time you are about to yell at someone, count to 10, slowly
rules for wellness

In the two hours following an outburst of anger, the risk of a heart attack is five times greater. 

8. Keep a food diary for 10 consecutive days

You can do so by taking pictures with your cell phone, using an app, or writing it down. But keeping track of every single thing you put in your mouth will enable you to be more mindful and eat more healthfully. 

9. Sign up for 10 yoga classes
rules for wellness

When you commit to something you are more likely to go. Doing yoga on a regular basis will lead to better sleep, lower stress, less back pain and more. 

10. Schedule these 10 essential appointments

Sign up for a mammogram, a gynecologist visit, a total body-skin check from a dermatologist, a colonoscopy, a bone-density scan, a dental checkup, vaccinations for the flu and shingles, an annual exam, a weekend getaway and a pedicure to prep for that weekend!

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