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Beautiful Butterfly Art

 Art exists in many forms. Just look at this stunning art in which, artist Maria A. Aristidou, uses a simple sheet of paper which she transforms into a butterfly. The process starts with scanning and printing a real morpho butterfly, which she cuts out, repaints and shapes using different techniques and placing them on metal rods. Using a combination of varnish, glue and some secret ingredients, the butterflies stay in place even when the dome is turned upside down.
The first one she ever made was after her grandmother's death. After a week locked in the studio, she started working manically grabbing anything she could find, from an old piece of paper to screws and printing materials, trying to piece things together in order to create something that would help her deal with her grief. She used the color royal blue to signify the importance and the impact that her grandmother had in her life, as well as 'blue feeling' that expressed her sadness. Once she completed her work with the original blues, she started experimenting with other colors, including green, orange, and multi-colors, placing them inside domes as well as boxed paintings. Take a look at her stunning work below, and be sure to check out the video at the end: 

Watch how the artist prepares her magnificent butterfly art:

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