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7 Colors Perfect for Rooms

 Our environment shapes our mood and our general outlook. Sensory experiences, like the weather and noise, can directly impact our happiness. This is especially true of the colors around us. Research has shown that 'warm colors' are rated as more stimulating and exciting, while 'cool colors' leave people feeling more restful and calm. But if you're looking to improve your mood by painting a few key rooms in your home, you may wonder what specific colors you should consider. Here are seven  picks that experts and researchers have found to be the happiest colors: 
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Cream is great on walls. This simple color has a magical ability to brighten up any space and give it that subtle glow that will lift your spirits. To reap the most benefits from the shade's glowy charm, it may be best used in the kitchen. This color will brighten your mood and increase your energy - something we tend to need in the morning, as we make our way to the kettle.
Bright orange
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Looking at orange could boost your mood. This color is one of the most social of all colors. It stimulates conversation, communication, and interaction. It reflects youth and energy and is a great choice for a room with lots of action, activity and high energy. Opt for a shade of orange that offers warmth, energy, and a subtle brightness that will boost your mood no matter where you put it. 
Gray cloud
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A bluish-gray shade has a calming effect. It works well in a variety of spaces and will give you the feeling that you are floating in the clouds. 
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Spending time outside, or even looking at an image of nature, can drastically improve your emotional state. So, why not try painting your walls a color reminiscent of the great outdoors? Using green and blue and coordinating a gray neutral color will help the small space feel larger, and give the space a harmonious natural feel. 
Deep blue
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Blue isn't just calming, it has been linked with productivity, honesty, and authority. If these are the things that bring you joy, consider a dark, energy-boosting blue.
Living coral
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Pinks create a playful, energetic feel that is great for lifting your mood. It's a color that welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity and symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits. 
Bright yellow
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Research has shown that natural light is one of the most effective ways to improve one's happiness. So, it makes sense that paint colors that evoke the sun can lift your mood. And what better way to mimic natural light in a room than with sunny yellow walls? Light, buttery hues reflect artificial light luminously without the risk of overpowering the space, the way a bolder shade might.
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