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20 Winners of the "Travel Photographer of The Year" Competition

 The world of photography is never ending... Since digital cameras became readily available in the early 2000s and completely replaced the old film cameras, quality photography became more accessible, while photographers were able to reach almost every point in the world and publish their breathtaking recordings from these places through the Internet.

During 2018, photographers documenting the world were able to capture rare images from every corner of the globe, such as those chosen in the "Travel Photographer of the Year" competition, which has been going on for over 15 years. Here are 20 of the photographers who have been lauded or honored in this prestigious competition.

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1. Stefano Pensotti, Italy, First place winner overall

travel photographyT he rays of the sun penetrating the Buddhist temple on the plains of the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar and the girl who stopped there for a short prayer on her way to school make this picture a winning and touching document.

2. Edward Graham, United States, Honorable mention in "Beauty of Light"


travel photographyIn order to capture this special picture, where a large glacier is displayed against the setting sun, photographer Edward Graham waited many hours, lying on the surface waiting for just the right moment.

3. Sylvia Michel, Switzerland, Special mention in “Travel”

travel photography

The beautiful and noble animal at the center of the picture overlooking the pastoral and breathtaking landscape is not a wolf - as many think - but a Swiss-white shepherd dog.

4. Vladimir Alekseev, Russian Federation, special mention in "Faces, People, Cultures"

travel photographyThis special tent – which has local children hiding between its deer-skin walls - is called "Chum" and is used by the Nenets, who live on the northern and frozen steppes of Russia.

5. Ignacio Palacios, Spain, commended in "Natural World"

travel photographySometimes for a lively and colorful photo, you don’t need anything more than to catch the rainbow tail of a nearby chameleon standing on a tree.

6. Mauro di Bettio, Italy, Commended in "Travel"

travel photographyIn the small town of Verges in Catalonia, Spain, the traditional "dance of death" has been held every year since the Middle Ages, as part of the celebrations of the holy week before Easter.

7. Marsel van Oosten, the Netherlands, Special Mention in "Travel"

travel photographyThe Grand Tsingys cliffs in Madagascar are a unique geological phenomenon - with the tip of the rocks razor sharp. Photographer Marsel van Oosten testifies that he climbed all night, just so he could take a picture of another climber making his way up in the early morning.

8. Petar Sabol, Croatia, Special Mention in "Natural World"

travel photographyThis incredible documentation of the master river predator - the kingfisher - as it catches a fish was taken by Petar right next to his home in the village of Gorican in Croatia.

9. Florent Mamelle, France, First Place Winner in "Natural World"

travel photographyTo capture this breathtaking picture at the exact moment the Fuego volcano erupted in Guatemala, the photographer climbed to the summit of the Acatenango volcano 4,000 meters high.

10. He Jian, China, First Place Winner in "Hot/ Cold"

travel photographyIt is hard to believe that anyone would want to cross the cold, snowy road on the stormy day documented in this picture, but it turns out that the people walking in it are religious Buddhist pilgrims who make pilgrimages to one of their holy places even on the coldest of days.

11. Fuyang Zhou, China, Runner-up in "Natural World"

travel photographyThis pair of sweet birds captured the lens of Fuyang's camera lens were spotted while playing on a wheat stalk in the field in the early morning hours.

12. Matjaz Krivik, Slovenia, First Place Winner in "Travelers Portfolio"

travel photographyThe morning mist around a small town on Haraz Island in Yemen gives it a particularly mystical and dramatic vibe in this Slovenian photographer’s excellent photograph.

13. Isabella Smith, United States, First Place Winner of Young Travel Photographer of the Year

travel photographyIsabella Smith is only 14 years old, but it is already considered a particularly talented photographer. In this scene, taken in the picturesque town of Chefchaouen, Morocco, a local boy is seen playing with oranges, which serve as balls, between the city's blue-painted alleys.

14. Andrew James, United Kingdom, Runner-up in "Hot/Cold"

travel photographyAn elephant seal and Gentoo penguin meet at the heart of the storm, somewhere in the pole where they both live.

15. Stefano Pensotti, Italy, Overall Winner of “Travel Photographer of the Year”

travel photographyThe Széchenyi Baths in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, were built in 1913 and for more than 100 years have served as a popular meeting place for the city's residents who come to relax and meet friends, as you can see from this wonderful photograph taken by Stefano Pensotti.

16. Matjaz Krivik, Slovenia, First Place winner in "Travelers Portfolio"

travel photographyThe penetrating and mesmerizing eyes of this Ethiopian girl, along with her authentic facial features, make this picture unique and eye-catching.

17. Oscar Tarneberg, United Kingdom, Commended in "Beauty of Light"

travel photographyOscar Tarneberg documented the abundance of light, color, and motion before our eyes in one of the interchanges of the expressway in Shanghai, China, on a section of a highway where all major traffic arteries intersect.

18. Sue O'Connel, United Kingdom, Commended in "Faces, People, Cultures"

travel photographyThis beautiful and elegant picture of a Muslim worshiper dressed in white standing at the entrance to a large mosque was taken by photographer Sue O'Connell in the small emirate of Oman, in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula.

19. Matjaz Krivik, Slovenia, First Place Winner in "Travelers Portfolio"

travel photographyAnother stunning picture from photographer Matjaz Krivik, who had caught a Sikh in holy water near the golden temple in Amritsar, India - the most sacred place in the Sikh religion.

20. Philip Lee Harvey, United Kingdom, Winner of Best Single Image in "Travel"

travel photographyThis very human image documents a "sand diver" who came up for some air, in the Niger River in Africa. The divers dive freely to the bottom of the river to collect sand for the construction industry; This is especially hard work, of which many don’t come out alive.

image source: Bored Panda


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