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7 Tips That’ll Prep Your Kids for The Jobs of the Future!

 You may have noticed this yourself already, but today, professions in the job market aren’t ones we thought would ever exist. Professions such as "entrepreneur," "programmer," "network manager" and so on are much more prevalent today than in the past, and there is no reason to think that in the future this won’t change as well. Technology in particular and the world, in general, are re-shaping at a dizzying pace that is only getting stronger every day. Many parents are asking: "How do I prepare my child for the professions of the future that don’t yet exist?" Well, you can’t prepare your children for the world in terms of the practical knowledge they’ll need to pursue a profession that doesn’t yet exist, but there are certainly some skills that everyone will need in the employment market of the future to succeed in climbing the career ladder. Here are 7 tips to help you prepare your children for the future professions and to impart on them the skills and abilities that are increasingly needed to succeed in the world.


1. Instead of praising intelligence, praise work ethic

Many studies have already shown that complimenting children on their intelligence can cause them to fear challenging themselves, what we should be praising is their work ethic instead. When children encounter a challenging problem and try to solve it resolutely, without giving up, the next time they encounter a similar situation they’ll have higher self-confidence. In the future of the employment market, various career options will be more related to entrepreneurship, which means that you need to prepare your children for a challenging fast-changing world. They’ll have to know how to take advantage of the changes in their favor rather than fear them, and they need to start learning how to do that sooner rather than later.

2. Teach them how to solve problems

Further to the previous section, in order for your child to develop a good work ethic, they need to know how to solve their own problems. This includes a fight with a friend over a toy and other problems that require skill and effort, such as building age-suitable toys. In the event of problems with other children, the child should be taught cooperation - a topic which we’ll further discuss in the next section - and in the case of toys, you should buy building games such as LEGO, challenging puzzles or even airplane models and ships.kids

3. Encourage your children to cooperate with other children

Even though we grow more independent as the world and technology advance, this isn’t true in the career worlds. It’s likely that your child will not have complete control over any profession or field necessary for his or her success, and they will have to cooperate with others in order to succeed in fulfilling their dreams. Therefore, they need to learn how to manage others and lead those who can help them. Help them develop these leadership qualities by allowing them to take charge every once in a while, strengthening their confidence. Let the child choose let them decided where the family will go, or on a daily basis - let them choose the activities they want to take part in when spending time together.

4. Don’t suppress your children's creativity

Many parents think that things related to stuff children learn in school, such as math or science, are a great part of the basis for success, but that isn’t necessarily true. Without creativity, your child won’t be able to take advantage of the skills they will acquire at school, so if you take notice of any type of creative talent in your children – let it flourish. Be sure that in the future, this creativity is what will set them apart in a room full of people with the same knowledge. kids

5. Encourage your children to think critically

Wherever you are and whatever the time, there is always opportunity to encourage your children's critical thinking so that they don’t take things as they are and always think about how to improve their situation. If you’re in the park, for example, ask your child how to make the playground more enjoyable, and if you’re in a restaurant, ask them what they would do to change the restaurant's design. Every opportunity for critical thinking is welcome, as it opens their eyes to a world of improvement opportunities.

6. Let your children make their voices heard

In today’s world, there is no room for "because I said so," unless you want to teach your children to do what others tell them and not think for themselves. In the future, and in fact in the present, those who let others lead don’t ever reach their full potential, leading to an oppressive feeling in later life which can cause many a crisis. Let your children make their voices heard and express their wishes, so that they, too, know that they have the right to demand and receive the things they want, but in a wise and intelligent manner. For example, when you go shopping, let your child choose 3 products they want to buy, and let them know that by the time you get to the cashier they’ll have to return two of them to the shelf. It will give them time to make their own considerations about their final choice, and if they fail to choose, you can help them weight their options rationally.kids

7. Teach your children how to think about their thoughts

Most of us were never taught how to think about our thoughts, leading us to a lifetime of harsh self-criticism when we don’t live up to our own expectations. However, when you learn how to think about thoughts from a young age, the harsh criticism disappears and, in its place, comes constructive criticism. After your child is done working on something that didn’t quite go right, instead of scolding them ask them: "Did you cooperate with others?" "Did you get angry because you found it difficult to stay creative?" Such questions will do much more than shouting, because they will help your children understand their emotions and the actions they should avoid, without being criticized and shutting down.

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