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10 Christmas Decoration Ideas For a Magical Home

 When it comes to decorating for Christmas, it's the Christmas tree that gets by far the most attention, however, you can turn your attention to a whole range of different nooks and crannies throughout your home that could do with an additional touch of festive spirit. Here are 10 Christmas ideas to bring magic into your home: 
1. Decorating the door
There isn't a better place with Christmas decorations than the entrance to your home. All you need is a couple of ribbons and any kind of fabric coupled with some pretty lights to make your entranceway really festive. 
2. Decorative pillows
All you need to make these wonderful decorative pillows is some half a yard of fabric, such as velvet, fleece or lamé, some fabric stuffing, fabric scissors, and a sewing machine. You can get the template for making these decorative pillows here.
3. Ornament topiary 
Have you ever thought of combining your existing decorations into a festive Christmas topiary? You can even use old toys, make a small topiary for the house, or an even bigger one for the street. The one shown above is great inspiration for either your front or back doors. 
4. Banister
Banisters can easily be decorated using a combination of toys, lights, and branches. A decoration like the one above will work beautifully in your home. 
5. Vases with lights and toys 
If you've still got a ton of decorations left over from decorating your Christmas tree, then you can use them inside a vase as shown above. Wrap them in lights for added pizzazz and your home will suddenly become a lot cozier. 
6. Window treatments fashioned out of Christmas ornaments 
It isn't just snowflakes that work well as window decorations at Christmas time - you can try connecting a series of Christmas balls with a thread and hang them as shown in the picture. 
7. Lights placed inside bottles 
All you need to make the beautiful decorations you see in the picture above is some colored glass bottles and strings of Christmas lights. You can put them in your yard or even in your apartment. 
8. Doorway decorations
Add beauty and festive cheer to your home by decorating doorways with lights and spruce branches. 
9. Wall-mounted decorations 
If you happen to have old pizza boxes or canvases lying around, you can use them to make "presents" for decorating your walls. 
10. Lanterns made of jars 
These "snowy" lanterns were made with glass jars, salt, glue, some string, and miniature plastic holly decorations. They're a quick and easy way to say "it's Christmas" in your home! 
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