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15 Outrageous Translation Fails

 Attempting to translate something from a language you know perfectly well to one which you don’t know at all can’t be an easy task. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it can't have absolutely hilarious results, either! Below, you'll find 15 different translation fails which are bound to make you scream with laughter. Enjoy!


1. This menu makes perfect sense...
2. Hope it won't take too long!
3. I've always felt that way about chickens myself...
4. Sweet dreams!
5. Is this for starting fires or putting them out?
6. Maybe...
7. Sounds refreshing!
8. Thanks, I could do with a hand...
9. For ladies with nails as tough as...nails!
10. At least they're honest...
11. It may be sweet, but is it salty?
12. I'm pretty sure that neither of those things are okay!
13. Have you heard the good news?
14. Whatever!
15. Guess this isn't the soup for me!


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