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11 Essential Bathroom Hacks

 Our bathroom is a room in our house where we spend quite a bit of our time in. For this reason, it is not easy to keep clean and well-organized. If you want to make your life easier, try following the life hacks below, which will make your bathroom a comfortable place, and make cleaning it that much quicker. 
1. Use a sponge to hold a soap bar
A soap dish tends to get stained and marked with soap bars, but a sponge will hold the residue of the soap. 
2. Towels can be used to make a well-absorbing bathroom rug
And it's not that hard to do either, click here to see instructions. Towels absorb water, so this is a great way to create a bathroom rug. 
3. Take your phone and tablet into the shower
If you often enjoy using your phone and tablet in the bathroom, use a cool, clear, plastic shower curtain and add pockets to them. 
4. If your bathroom rug always moves
To prevent your bathroom rug from moving, use hook-and-loop tape. All you need to do is glue one part of the tape to the floor and the other one to the rug. This will prevent the rug from sliding. 
5. For fresh smelling towels, use a spray made of water and essential oils
Mix water with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, then spray this mixture onto your towels.
6. Use a plastic cutlery tray to store cosmetic products and other small things 
Keep your cosmetics organized with this handy and nifty hack. 
7. Use toilet paper to freshen the air in your bathroom
Simply add a few drops of essential oil onto a roll of toilet paper to freshen your bathroom better. This works better than any fragrance diffuser.
8. Hang your toiletries up to save space and stay organized
Use a shower curtain rod and pegs to store all of your cosmetic tubes. 
9. Make a towel rack out of PVC pipe
If your bathroom is lacking in space, a great way to save space is to create a towel rack out of PVC pipe and hang it behind your door. 
10. Use any remaining pieces of soap bars smartly
Make a new bar of soap from several smaller pieces by putting them into boiling water, then pouring the liquid soap into different forms and letting them cool down. Alternatively, you can put them inside a loofah and wash as you would normally. 
11. Prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up by using shaving gel 
Apply the gel on the mirror, spreading it equally over the entire surface, then remove it with a dry paper towel. 
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