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How to Completely Detoxify Your Mind

 It's not just your home that can do with a good clean every once in a while, but for the benefit of your mental health, your mind should regularly require one too. Below, you'll find 15 of the best ways to declutter your mind, which will leave you feeling more positive and relaxed:



1. Go on a Daily Nature Walk

Research shows that being in nature can be highly soothing for your mind and soul. In fact, a 2015 study from Stanford University discovered that a 90-minute walk or hike in a natural region made people feel happier and more relaxed, thereby reducing their risk of depression.

2. Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life

No matter whether it’s a family member or someone you’ve been close with for years, there’s no reason to keep a toxic person around you if the relationship is simply making you unhappy. Whether they have no boundaries, affect your other relationships or place unnecessary stress or drama in your life, you should simply cut them loose.

3. Get Rid of Your Clutter

Decluttering your home can work wonders for your mental health. After you have a clean space to spend your time in, you’ll stop feeling bogged down and stressed out by your surroundings. This will lead to you feeling lighter and more energized overall.


4. Rethink Your Diet

You can’t properly feed your soul if you’re not properly giving your body the nutrients it needs. If your diet is full of junk food and void of fruit and vegetables, then you should start including colorful, wholesome options into your weekly menu. Even picking up an apple or banana for breakfast will make you feel better physically and emotionally.

5. Put Your Phone Away After 8 pm

To get some personal space, as well as giving your brain a chance to relax, pick a time at night when you will put your plane on airplane-mode and keep it there. With your phone deactivated, you will then get the chance to enjoy being around people in your life without any distractions.

6. Learn How to Cook a New Meal

Take your time to work through recipes that you have never attempted before, and you'll soon find that you are rewarded with more than just a delicious meal at the end. This is because a 2016 study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology claims that such a process boosts happiness and creativity, helping give your mind a much-needed push.


7. Take a Relaxing Bath

A nice warm bath is the perfect way to detox your mind. Instead of purchasing a fancy bath bomb at the supermarket, make use of natural options, filling the bath water with slices of fruit or some essential oils instead!

8. Start Being More Selfish

Even though it may feel very selfish to do things for yourself, it shouldn’t. Give yourself the chance to detox and declutter your brain by simply spending some additional time focusing on your wants and needs for once. Your emotional health should always come first, since if you can't take care of yourself, how do you expect to be of service to others?

9. Learn How to Meditate

Meditation can help you to relax, fight stress and anxiety, and, as the Mayo Clinic puts it, “restore your inner peace.” When it comes to detoxing your mind there’s nothing better than a 10-minute meditation session to help you gain some clarity.


10. Take a Solo Trip

Traveling with family, friends, or a significant other can be fun and rewarding, but going solo is an exciting and uplifting way to detoxify your mind. You get to fill up on everything that makes you happy with no negative energy or distractions from others.

11. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

In today’s world, due to the influence of the media, it’s impossible not to compare yourself to others. The problem is that constantly looking at a hyper-edited version of the world can seriously harm your mental wellbeing. That's why you should make it a point to focus on what you love about yourself instead of what you think you lack. Your soul will feel a lot more content because of it.

12. Rethink Your Current Job

If your job is causing harm to your mental health, then you may need to rethink whether it's actually worth doing. Whether it’s a toxic boss, a simple lack of fulfillment, or awful co-workers, don’t be scared to shake things up. Take a chance and go after your dreams, whatever they might be, and you’ll be sure to rid yourself of any negative feelings.


13. Keep Technology Out of Your Bedroom

Having technology in the bedroom doesn’t just affect your sleep, but also your mental health. While you’re lying there on your phone, you’re just feeding yourself a load of unnecessary data. Relaxing without technology will allow you to drift off to sleep feeling a lot more light and relaxed.

14. Get in Touch with Your Emotions

In western society, showing your emotions has been dubbed as a sign of weakness. However, this needs to change, since getting in touch with your emotions and letting things out is an excellent way to declutter your mind.

15. Start Reading Again

How long has it been since you read a real book? If it has been quite a while, then we'd recommend starting immediately. This is because reading has not only been found to give your brain a boost and to alleviate stress, but it also been found to make you feel better overall.


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