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Five Animal Moments That'll Make You Smile

 Everyone deserves a sweet moment in their day, wouldn't you say? Well, I've got the perfect malady for any day, be it a cloudy or sunny day, a good or bad one, it can always be made better with some sweet animal videos. Enjoy these 5 heartwarming and adorable-as-heck video moments. 


Tiny Ninja Kitty Shows Big Dog Who's Boss

Midge is a tiny little fluff that is putting on a brave front with his white 'gloves' and lightning fast (in his mind) moves to ward off the big doggie. But I don't think he's in any danger from Beatrix, the Bernese Mountain Dog. She's happy just watching the delightful little friend she's now made. They live together and these days are best buddies and nap partners.

Alaskan Malamute Adopts Little Baby Into His Pack

Dogs are all about family. The pack is everything. The great thing about dogs, unlike wolves, is that they are happy to adopt anyone that moves into the pack. And this gentle Malamute is no different. Evo the dog is obviously in love with the little addition to the family - little Adam. This is so beautiful to see. This is why we love dogs.


A Case of Mistaken Jumping
Well I know cats are different to humans, and these two like to stroll together, but I think I would raise a few objections if someone jumped on me like THAT! But animals aren't as bothered as we are with such things (sometimes), and they seem fine with the strange jump result and we are just left with the hilarity.

A Smothering Love

Sully the Saint Bernard just loves his owner, who weighs just a little bit LESS than he does. However, he often forgets that fact, and when his daddy comes back from work he - stubbornly and persistently - gives him all the love he can. And with that size a dog, that's a lot of love!

Guilty Dog Coughs Evidence 

As much as we love dogs, when it comes to food - they will often break a few rules to get their paws on some delicious human food. In this case, Saben the adorable pooch is definitely hiding something. Let's see if we can figure out what he did.

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