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12 Essential Tips That’ll Help You Solve Various Problems

 With our to-do list longer than ever, a trick or two to ease the load is never a bad thing. That is why we put together a list of 12 problems you may encounter throughout your day and how to solve them. We're sure once you give them a read through you won’t forget them and will want to share them with your family and friends! These ingenious tips won’t only save you time and money, they can even show how smart and resourceful you are when you use them to help friends or family members in need.

1. How to iron clothes without an iron


Ironing is many people’s number one most hated household chore, but with these two tips, you can spare the extra time you probably waste doing it.

If you have a piece of clothing that has just come out of the washing machine and you know it needs ironing, place it on a flat surface and straighten out the creases created in the washing machine. Then, put the garment on the back of a chair or hang on a hanger to dry; Once the garment has dried it will remain straight and wrinkle-free.

After taking it out of the closet:

If you planned on wearing a piece of clothing that has sat in the closet and become wrinkled, put it in the dryer with a damp rag and run it for 10-15 minutes. At the end of the drying process, the garment will come out wrinkle-free thanks to the steam created during the “re-drying” process.

2. Organizing grocery bags


In recent years, disposable plastic bags have been replaced with reusable grocery bags. While this is a great thing for our planet, many of us often forget them at home or in our car and are forced to buy new ones time and again, leaving you with a collection of reusable bags cluttering your home. To avoid this, you can fold them and store them in plastic baskets - which you can then keep in the closet or passenger seat of your car. So, the next time you go shopping, the bags will be neat and accessible.

3. Cleaning and drying pillows


Pillows are one of the things we use most often, which is why it’s important to wash them at least 3 times a year (except for feather pillows which require airing out or dry cleaning only). But those who have already done so know that after washing and drying, the pillow loses shape and volume and no longer feels like the same pillow it was before. In order for you to maintain maximum hygiene and still ensure that your favorite pillow doesn’t change its shape, it’s recommended to dry your pillow in a dryer with 3-4 tennis balls – doing this will ensure your pillows retain their original shape and size.

4. Repairing and preserving leather furniture

tips If your home has both leather furniture and animals, you’re probably familiar with scratches ruining said furniture. Sometimes, it seems that there is no choice and you can’t repair the damage except by reupholstering the piece of furniture, but before you do this, you should know the following tip: soak a cloth with olive oil and "clean" the leather. Let the oil soak for an hour to an hour and a half, then go over the oil with a dry rag. Do this every few weeks and you’ll be able to keep the furniture for years to come.

5. Remove water stains from furniture


Water rings on a coaster-less table is one of the most frustrating things for furniture owners, leading to them to buy new furniture fairly quickly. However, this isn't necessary! You should know that there’s an easy way to get rid of these marks: All you need are a hair dryer and olive oil; Start the dryer with the blower area facing the watermark, let it heat up for a few minutes, but make sure that it’s not too close and isn’t damaging the tables wax coating. Finally, rub some olive oil in the area where the watermark used to be to seal it once more.

6. Hotel pillowcases


Pillows in hotels and resorts are the kind of thing that many are grossed out by - the thought that someone else has laid their heads on them a few hours before is something many don’t like to think about. So, if you forgot to bring your own pillow or at least pillowcase, you can make your own by wrapping the pillow in one of your T-shirts.

7. Differentiating between original and photocopied documents


How many times did you need to photocopy an important document and preserve the original, but after copying it you didn’t know which copy was which? To avoid confusion, the next time you photocopy a document simply attach a paper clip to the original and then copy it. Once you’ve finished, remove the clip from the document and easily tell the difference between the original and the copy.

8. Avoiding spice stains in plastic food containers


The next tip is going to make life easy for a lot of people, especially those who store their food in plastic boxes. One of the most frustrating things about storing leftovers is having to wash the boxes afterward since spices tend to leave stains that don’t come off with just soap and water. To avoid this, and to save yourself time washing dishes, you can place plastic wrap in the box, letting it spill over the sides to create a barrier between the food and the box. Cover the food with the remaining plastic wrap, close the lid and store in the refrigerator until use (note: it isn’t recommended to heat the food with the plastic wrap).

9. Packing jewelry for trips


Have you ever misplaced jewelry when traveling? Are you planning extreme activities and you do not want your necklace or ring to fall off? The next time you’re in one of these situations, use a pill box to keep your jewelry safe and secure. This tip doubles in usefulness since it also keeps jewelry from tangling together. 

10. Storing cupcake liners


Anyone who bakes has had the pleasure of seeing box after box of cupcake liners destroyed after being stored in the original box they came in. The solution to this problem comes down to a simple trick: Place the cupcake liners in a glass or plastic jar with a lid and store it – this way you can easily see them and they won't get crumpled in the cabinet or drawer!

11. A nostalgic and charming picture


If you have a board game with missing pieces but are to sentimentally attached to get rid of it, use the board to decorate your house. Frame the game board as you would a picture and hand around your home – these work best in kid or game rooms.

12. Taking care of knitted wool pieces


Washing knitted wool clothing items in a washing machine and drying it in the dryer causes the garment to wear out quickly, and can even cause them to form small unsightly balls all over. To prevent this phenomenon, before washing, place the garment in a pair of tights, first from the sleeves - so that they reach the feet are of the pantyhose - and then the rest of the garment. Insert the garment into the washing machine, turn it on, and at the end of the wash move the "bag" to the dryer and dry it. Doing this will make the garment last longer.

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