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15 Hilarious Design Fails

 When it comes to terrible ideas, the human race often ends up coming out on top. This is especially true when it comes to improvising or covering up our silly mistakes! If you are having trouble believing us, then we're sure that the hilarious photos of design fails below will promptly help you change your mind:


1. It seems they ran out of 'UP' buttons...Nailed It
2. Perfect alignment!Nailed It
3. This is the ideal design...Nailed It
4. Picasso in the making.Nailed It
5. How to trigger someone with OCD...Nailed It
6. Look out below!Nailed It
7. This lamppost is just asking for trouble.Nailed It
8. Who on Earth thought of this idea?!Nailed It
9. Well, that's one creative design!Nailed It
10. What a spectacular view!Nailed It
11. Absolute chaos!Nailed It
12. Have they never heard of a spirit level before?Nailed It
13. Yin & YangNailed It
14. Accessible to all...Nailed It
15. Wouldn't it be better in a straight line?Nailed It


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