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A Joke About A Particularly Creative Captain...

 A plane left JFK airport toward its destination in Europe without any unnecessary delays. During the flight, while the plane was at an elevation of 13,000-feet, a loud explosion was heard.

A traveler named Dave looked out the window of the plane, "God help us!" He shouted, "One of the engines exploded!" The rest of the passengers left their seats and went toward Dave to see what was going on when at that very moment a loud explosion was heard from the other side of the plane. At this point, all the passengers on the plane were in total panic, and even the flight attendants couldn’t calm them down.airplaneAt that very moment, Captain John came out of the cockpit, smiling, happy, calm and declared, "Valued passengers, you can be calm, everything is under control and you have no reason to worry." The captain's words helped calm things down, the flight attendants managed to restore order, and the passengers returned to their seats. At that time, the captain turned to the door of the plane and began handing out large bags to the crew, who tied them on their backs.

"Hey," said Dave the passenger, "are you tying parachutes to your backs?" Captain John answered in the affirmative and Dave continued, "Just a second, didn’t you say there was nothing to worry about and everything is under control?" "That's true, and you have no reason to worry," the captain replied, and at the same time, a loud explosion was heard from the third engine.
"We're just going to get help."


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