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4 Simple Tests That Reveal Details About Your Character

 Psychologists believe that it’s possible to draw many conclusions about a person's personality by observing them while performing some rather simple actions. This is the principle behind the next test, which includes four actions that most of us do without thinking, and precisely because of this they can reveal a great deal of information about our character and behavior. So, how do you do these things? Take a sheet of paper and a pen, write down the results you get from left to right, and at the end check your results.

1. link your fingers together


If your left thumb is on top, write down the number 1.

If your right thumb is on top, write the number 2

2. Close one eye as if you were aiming a weapon or a camera at an invisible target


If you closed your right eye, write the number 1.

If you closed your left eye, write the number 2.

3. Cross your arms over your chest


If your left hand is resting on top of your right, write the number 1.

If your right hand is resting on top of your left, write the number 2.

4. Clap your hands


If your left hand is on top, write the number 1.

If the right hand is on top, write the number 2.

Click here to see your answer

Press Ctrl + F and type the result you received to find it on the list quickly.

2222 - You have a stable personality and prefer not to get into unnecessary arguments with people because you prefer to avoid conflict. You probably have a very rich life experience, and thanks to it you know that you don’t always have to be dramatic, and problems can be dealt with and solved calmly.

2221 – Your most prominent characteristic is that you are indecisive, in both small and big decisions.

2212 - You are an open book who likes to communicate with all, and you find it easy to find common ground with almost everyone.

2111-you are a trustworthy person who does everything on their own without asking for help or support from others.

2211 - This combination is quite rare: it is easy for you to connect with other people and you are very sociable, but at the same time you are a gentle person who usually remains true to his nature and does not try to be someone he is not.

2122 - You are a technology lover with an analytical mind and you’re also a gentle soul. You're careful about everything you do and sometimes even worry about the process or the results, however, your usually cold to the people around you.

2121 - This is the rarest combination: you are very sensitive and vulnerable and tend to let people affect you and your feelings. People like you are a rare breed in the modern world, where people behave very rudely so you need to remember that people aren’t necessarily trying to hurt you.

1112 - You are a sensitive, determined and energetic person. Although sometimes you experience negative feelings, they don’t make you give up on fulfilling your ambitions.

1222 - This is one of the most common combinations: You are a sensitive person who tends to give up too quickly when faced with a challenge. Other’s opinions of you have a great influence on you, but you are good at communicating with people and they are generally very positive towards you.

1221 - You are an emotional person with a lack of perseverance. You are naïve and some might interpret that as weakness, but it is only part of your childish nature and if you manage to suppress your motivational problems you have no reason to become a cynical person.

1122 - You are a sociable person but at the same time a little naive. You often think you aren’t good enough and therefore over-analyze your actions. You have many interests, but you don’t have time to dabble in them all.

1121 - You are a person who tends to trust other people, sometimes with closed eyes, and you true to yourself never trying to be someone you are not. You also have a very developed imagination.

1111 - You aren’t a conservative person, and creativity is a significant part of your busy life. You have a slightly different perspective from others about many things and sometimes you let your emotions take over. You prefer to work alone and you should know that others may interpret this as selfishness.

1212 - You are a person of strong will and sometimes a bit stubborn, but that is what helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

1211 - You are a person who leans on spirituality while being a little restrained and having a hard time making new connections. At the same time, you have great willpower, and if you want to achieve something nothing can stop you.

2112 - You are a pleasant person who has an easy time meeting new friends and making connections. Your hobbies change as you grow and develop.

image source: Valeri Pizhanski, Loren Kerns

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