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These Boyfriends & Husbands Are Hilarious

 Being in a long term relationship can be an incredibly wonderful thing, yet it sometimes gets a little tricky to keep the passion going after a long time has passed. Thankfully, husbands and boyfriends are renowned for a having a cheesy sense of humor, and we all know that laughter really is the best medicine for anything! Below, you'll find 12 examples of husbands and boyfriends being absolutely hilarious:


1. Day 16 of the wife being away.funny husbands
2. History was made at this spot.funny husbands
3. Meeting your wife at the airport...funny husbands
4. Now that's one awesome costume!funny husbands
5. When husbands get to pick the shower curtains...funny husbands
6. He's gonna be in sooo much trouble soon!funny husbands
7. When your husband decorates the bathroom...funny husbands
8. Please don't...funny husbands
9. Ask your husband to create flyers for our garage sale, and this is what you'll get!funny husbands
10. What a terrible time to get down on one knee to tie your shoelaces!funny husbands
11. That's not creepy at all...funny husbands


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