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10 Tips from Trees on Living a Happy Life

 Arbor day, and other such holidays celebrated around the world allow us to honor trees and appreciate their contribution to our environment. If we stop for a moment and think about it, the strong trees that decorate every path and street every day and in any weather, can teach us quite a bit about life, and I wanted to share with you the main lessons I remember every day of the year, and especially on arbor day.


Tips for a happy life that can be learned from trees
Always stand tall and be proud of who you are and your choices in life.
Don’t be scared to send out roots and blossom in the hardest places.
Always look for a ray of sun, even if it's hiding behind a gray cloud.
Drink a lot of water and take care of your health, it is your greatest treasure.
Be ready to stand strong for others to lean on, and they too will be there for you during hard times.
Appreciate your natural beauty, and embrace the changes that the years bring.
Stop and take a look at the sights around you, instead of only chasing your goals.
Remember that the end of every workday brings with it a lovely sweet tasting fruit.
Bless those who visit even for a short time, and don’t resent them when they leave.
Remember that you have the strength to survive every strong wind if only you believe in yourself and keep an open mind.
Share this advice with your loved ones and wish them a very green flourishing year!
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