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What You Should Eat to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins

 We are all aware that fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial to our health. However, few people know how much of them we should actually consume in order to get the necessary vitamins. In addition, some vitamins aren't easily received with the help of fruits and vegetables only. Below, you will discover the types of vitamins you need and what amount of vitamins different products contain. You'll also discover how much you need to eat to get the daily amount of each vegetable. Take a look: 
1. Vitamin A
daily dose of vitamins
Also known as retinol slows down the aging process, preserves the skin elasticity and is responsible for our ability to see in the dark. A lack of vitamin A can manifest itself in the form of brittle nails, split hair ends. It is recommended that you consume 1mg of vitamin A per day. 
2. Vitamin В2
daily dose of vitamins
This vitamin makes our skin smooth and healthy and our hair strong and silky. A lack of this vitamin will lead to anemia and the weakening of the immune system as well as painful cracks around the mouth. It is recommended that you take about 1.8mg per day. 
3. Vitamin С
daily dose of vitamins
Vitamin C is essential for healthy bones and skin elasticity. Its lack can be seen easily in the state of our teeth. Its first stages appear as gum bleeding, which progresses to the loss of teeth. It is recommended that you consume 80mg per day. 
4. Vitamin D
daily dose of vitamins
This vitamin plays an essential role in the formation of our skeleton. It also helps to normalize the work of the thyroid and sex glands. This vitamin is necessary for the proper work of the heart and the whole nervous system. Not getting enough vitamin D can lead to rickets among children. The daily recommended intake is 2.5 mcg.
5. Potassium
daily dose of vitamins
Potassium is an essential mineral that boosts heart health. In addition, it is responsible for the reduction of water retention. Low levels of potassium can lead to swelling and cardiovascular disease. The recommended daily intake is 2,500mg.
6. Calcium
daily dose of vitamins
Responsible for ensuring healthy bones and teeth, not getting enough calcium can lead to the break down of bones, teeth cavities as well as the destruction of the teeth. Furthermore, calcium cannot be absorbed without magnesium, vitamin D and protein. It is recommended that you consume up to 1,250mg of calcium per day. 
7. Iron
daily dose of vitamins
Iron, together with protein molecules create hemoglobin. This mineral is responsible for the oxygen transfer in the blood. Low levels of iron in the body may lead to anemia. The recommended daily intake of iron is 15mg. 
8. Iodine
daily dose of vitamins
This mineral is necessary for our body as it ensures that the thyroid works properly. It supports the work of all of the body systems. The recommended amount is 150mcg per day. 
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